Change the Mindset

B”H Benny got thru today’s scans without too much fanfare. The difficulty came when we could no longer give him clear liquid’s to drink before anesthesia. Being that our appointment began at 9:30, scan at 10:3O-12:30, Benny was pretty hungry when he woke up.

Once he finished the scan he was brought into a recovery room. It took a few minutes for the anesthesia to wear off. As we sat with Benny and held him until he was able to calm down, Dr. Wrightman (right man!) walked into the room. He was one of the first doctors on call the week Benny was first admitted into the hospital. He was there one year ago when Benny had come out of anesthesia from his biopsy. There was a great deal of turmoil at the time trying to get Benny’s siblings up to see him. Dr. Wrightman was there, winked his eye and said “don’t worry about it.”  He managed to get all of them up to see Benny.

Dr. Wrightman a fellow at the time, has since changed his specialty of medicine and his no longer practicing in oncology. He is specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care blood disorders.   Seeing him today in the recovery room and having a nice “shmooze” gave us the feeling that once again, everything was going to be OK, IY”H. He also mentions how he some times see’s us walking to shul as he’s passing by on his way home from the hospital. He promised us today he will come for a Shabbos meal. We hope soon!

We were not able to get the results from the scans today, because our meeting with the doctor got cancelled. The doctor is home sick with her sick children too. We wish her and her kids a speedy recovery.

IY”H we are hopeful that all will be good and are B”H able to put it in the back of our minds.   The fact that it is Lag Ba”Omer this Sunday and so many people we know are going to Meron to pray for Benny, it is reassuring that we have more time to pray for a successful outcome.   This is the day to reach a tremendous spiritual joy in which good, will ultimately be clearly visible even in the worst and most challenging of times.

After the test was complete, Ari went back to work and I took Benny out to the Peterson Car Museum. My goal was to change Benny’s mindset and help him forget about the morning scans (as my Zaida Ben Z”TL would say).  He had a wonderful time pretending to race real racing cars, as well as playing with Hot Wheels. He did have a hard time staying behind the rope that courted off the cars.  Every time he sneaked under the rope, the guards came running. I felt like telling them what Benny had just endured this morning, but managed to contain myself. I guess they don’t like having to Windex hand prints all day long.

I was glad to give him a fun filled afternoon and block out all of the morning activities which weren’t fun at all!

Video: Benny racing hotwheels

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