Lag B’Omer

It’s the night before we go back into the hospital. As I was out walking Benny in the stroller this evening, I tried breathing in as much fresh air as possible, as it will won’t be until Friday discharge from the hospital, that we can breathe in the fresh air again.

Sometimes it is hard to know reality versus fiction. The days we are home from the hospital, we try and give Benny the best time possible. It usually consists of running around to museum’s, parks, train rides, ice cream, amusement parks, even whale watching, etc. It’s similar to going on vacation and wanting to see the sights in such a short period of time, there’s no time to relax. Is this period “real” life? or do I consider the long weeks in the hospital reality? We hope and pray that the weeks in the hospital (which B”H are less than a handful remaining), stay at the fiction level. We are so ready to put this chapter behind us and begin a new and healthy reality IY”H. One that won’t require so much running.

Today, we spent the earlier part of Lag B’Omer at the Kid Space Museum. There was a special event today; the releasing of a 1000 butterflies. The kids really enjoyed trying to get the butterflies to land on them or rest on their hands. Benny was enamored by the event, but wasn’t so eager to catch them this time around.

When a butterfly finally did find its resting place on Benny’s hat, it rested there for over 45 minutes. It even went down the slide with him.

I am not sure which room we will be admitted to tomorrow, but if it’s the room with the butterfly motif, I think we will be satisfied (so long as it faces downtown ). The butterfly is a symbol of renewal, of life and freedom, all things we hope and pray for Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah IY”H.

(Pictures taken by Yehudis Schoen Photography)

thank you!

Video: butterfly Video: slide

Last night we celebrated Lag B’Omer in the comfort of our own home, however, our hearts, minds and Tefillos were in Yerushalayim, Ir Hakodesh. I pray BE”H that this fictitious photo will become our “new” reality very soon IY”H.


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