Day 1 Round Four of Immunotherapy

Today, we’ve begun the 4th cycle of immunotherapy. BE”H (with the help of G-D) we hope and pray that we are getting close to the end of all treatments.

The day began with a 9 am doctor appointment in the hospital clinic. While we were waiting to be seen, a receptionist approached me in the waiting room to ask me if I was aware that we were going to be admitted into the hospital for “chemotherapy,” after the doctor appointment. My heart skipped multiple beats at that moment. I said, “you must be mistaken, we are in for Immunotherapy, not chemotherapy.” Sure enough, after checking the orders, the paper work said Immunotherapy, B”H!!!  There is a big difference at this stage in the game which treatment Benny is getting. We hope never again to go through Chemotherapy, Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid) . Soon after, the Dr. reported to us Benny’s test results from last week. The doctor feels that the tests look good B”H, and mentioned Benny will undergo further tests in a couple of months to validate today’s conclusions IY”H. Then, Benny’s labs were done to check his blood levels as well as an exam. Around 11 am Benny was admitted as a patient into the hospital, got a private room with the “eagle” (which isn’t always readily available), had more labs done, EKG test (which he absolutely hated), and waited and waited for the pharmacy to deliver the medication needed to start this round of treatment. I was doing my best to push as many buttons to get the process rolling.  I knew the hour we start today, is the hour we go home on Friday.

While we waited, I took Benny downstairs to the playground so he could get some fresh air and run around. We got a call around 1:40 to come back upstairs, the medication finally arrived.  Benny was connected around 2:20 pm.

Benny is being a great sport, although, he really does not want to be here anymore. He’s had enough. Throughout the day, I tried keeping him entertained, first outside before the medication was ready, then in the playroom. On three separate occasions he had to leave what he was enjoying, either to have his vitals checked or for a diaper change. He put up a huge fight every time.

The day got a whole lot better for Benny and myself, when my family showed up for dinner. We ate, laughed, played and heard about everyone’s day at school. One more disappointment though, was when everyone went home.   B”H Benny is sleeping peacefully now and I pray that it will last until morning.

Please continue to have Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah in your Tefillos and pray that this week and next fly by without any pain or complications. Thank you!


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