Round 4, Day 4

It has been a very busy few days. B”H Benny is feeling well this week in the hospital.   He has been waking up at the crack of dawn, around 6 am and asking to “walk” right away.  The first thing he does is point to his head, wanting his Kipa, then he says “shoe,” and finally “out.”  That last request is one I haven’t been able to fulfill just yet.

We had a few mishaps this week.  Two days ago, as Benny and I were walking up and down the corridors of the 4th floor, his line became disconnected from the IV pole.  I only noticed it once I saw blood dripping all over the floor as well as the medication he was receiving.  I couldn’t find the clamp, but did manage to bend the tubing to prevent more blood from flowing out and quickly called for a nurse. B”H no harm was done, but the nurses did have to change all the tubing.

Today, a similar episode happened while Benny was in the playroom with his brother and aunt. I was at a school meeting (fun! fun!).  Benny’s line became disconnected again, however, they were not familiar with what to do and as a result everyone got a bit nervous.

After the new tubing was reconnected and the caps were tightened, with extra tape, Benny wanted to go back and play. The nurse said “no!” Then, I said “yes,” and took him.  Benny was totally fine and I went with him. At this point, it is sad to say, that I am a lot calmer when these things happen. It’s sad, because no one should have to get used to something like this. The nurses kept saying that it is not common. I don’t believe it one bit!!! Benny wasn’t even wild.  The weeks Benny doesn’t have to be hooked up to the monitor,  I take him as much as possible to the playroom. The playroom has arts n crafts and loads of toys that he enjoys.  Next week is when Benny will have to be hooked up to numerous monitors and will have to stay in bed. We are not looking forward, to say the least.

Benny had numerous visitors to help pass the time. Thank you, Zaida and Bubbie for the treats; cousin Mindy for the yummy cookies and puppet; Yehudis for the life size Elmo balloon and juggling show; Estie for the bubbles and ball; Aunt Nechama, Auntie Shira, Alti, Caroline, Avigayil, Yocheved and Joey.  We also met some new friends, Landon Donovan who plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy and a seven foot tall man (who really just came to test the smoke detectors). He should have worn a basketball jersey instead!

We are so grateful that Shabbos is less than 20 hours away and IY”H we will be home.

Music Room: In the playroom making Playdough from scratch: Enjoying ice cream

7 ft. Tall Man. LA Galaxy Landon Donovan (soccer player)

Watch Benny Pitch: elmoball

Watch Benny juggle



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