Good Shabbos!

It is 1:30 pm. We’re about an hour away from discharge IY”H (G-D willing).  It was a little up in the air an hour ago if we were going home; Benny spiked a fever.  B”H the doctor felt the390 fever was a result from the medication he is currently receiving and will BE”H go away once the medication is complete.  Just in case, Benny was given antibiotics which will cover him for the next 24 hours, and then we will have to see and pray no fever.

Benny is so ready to leave, especially because he knows Shabbos is coming.  He already talked about his bath, shirt and tie and going to Shul (synagogue).  Four Challah rolls were delivered to the room this morning from the hospital chaplain. Benny mumbled a Bracha (blessing) and ate one.

This morning we had an early appointment at the dentist.  Just as we are BE”H (with the help of G-D) close to finishing all treatments (about 5-6 weeks away), Benny will need some dental work.  Unfortunately, the chemo caused his baby teeth to be more susceptible to cavities.  The x rays and fillings will have to be done in the OR under sedation.  The up side is these are baby teeth and IY”H his permanent teeth will not be affected.

After the appointment we went to the playroom.  There we enjoyed learning how to tie dye a shirt. As we were playing in the kitchen area, we were once again surprised with a celebrity visitor. Today’s visitor was from a very sweet and special thirteen-year-old young lady, Bailee Madison. She spent a few hours playing and talking with the patient’s and parents. Before I had a chance to get a picture of her and Benny, Benny took off and headed back to our room. It was so unusual for him to just leave like that. It turned out; he had a fever and wanted to lie down. About an hour later Bailee came to visit him in his room.

I spent a few minutes talking with Bailee’s mom, Patti, praising them for their good deeds and telling them a little of Benny’s history.  She showed a great deal of interest and reiterated during the visit, she will keep Benny and our entire familyin her prayers.    As I stated in previous emails, while I may not be familiar with many of the visitors that visit, I am so appreciative of these individuals taking the time out of their very busy day to visit and put a smile on these children’s faces.

I look forward to the day IY”H, when Benny can just walk  or run down the street and be noticed, simply, for his smile and cuteness.

Look at Benny make a run for it: Video: get out of here

It’s 4:15. Were home B”H. Look at the beautiful welcome waiting for us!

Good Shabbos!

Cappuccino Muffins baked by Avigayil

Olem Chesed Yebaneh!   Thank you Reb. Carol,  Nechama, Shoshie, Sara and Avigayil for enhancing our Shabbos.  This is what the world is built on!

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