Cycle 4 Week 2

It’s close to midnight, so I will be brief, as my night is just getting started and I need to nap when I can.

We checked into the hospital around 9:45 this evening after a pretty busy day. There was no one in registration, so we had to wait around 25 minutes. After that process we headed upstairs, but not before a stop in the food court before the elevators. Benny chose his candy for the room as you can see in the video below.

B”H this admission, unlike previous, he was in a jolly mood and quite funny. We B”H got our “eagle” room, facing downtown. I don’t think I will ever view the downtown skyline the same again. I am not sure what emotions it will stir in the future IY”H.

This past Shabbos, Benny enjoyed going to wish Mazal Tov at a Bar Mitzvah (it was the cholent that he really enjoyed), and meeting Rabbi Shlomo Kanievsky from Bnei Brak and receiving a Bracha.

This morning Benny was busy attending a Bris, and B”H was fortunate to receive a heart warming Bracha from the Sandik. The Shabbos before last, Benny also attended a Bris and we were given the Kibud (honor) as K’vater as a Segula for Benny’s Refuah Shlema. I do believe these Brisim brought the Bracha and as a result, Benny was in a wonderful mood this evening and last week as we checked into the hospital. I pray that his disposition remains upbeat throughout the week.

Later this afternoon, Benny enjoyed a game of bowling with his Bubbie, cousin Fruma (who just flew in from NY for a few days to help out, his siblings and parents. Benny even bowled a strike!

It’s now after midnight and the nurse just came in to tell me that Benny will need a blood transfusion tonight. Once the blood comes up from the bank, it will take about 3 hours and then he will be connected to hydration in preparation for immunotherapy. Thank you to the volunteers who donated his/her blood thru Bikur Cholim exclusively for Benny. I am amazed each and every time that Benny has a direct donor. That means, someone took the time out of their busy work schedule, sat in a chair, was pricked by a needle and donated blood. I have to say, I faint at the thought of having to give blood. I’ve gotten better over time with seeing blood, but no movement on the needle front. I think there are just some phobia’s that are not beatable.

The doctor’s anticipate this week to be extremely challenging, the most difficult in the immunotherapy treatment.Thank you for keeping Benny in your hearts, in your Tefillos and Ma’asim Tovim (good deeds). In your Zechus(merit), he should be Zoche to ride thru this week without any side effects IY”H




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  1. he is delicious, kah. i love the long tie! my thoughts and tefillos are with you all the time. I truly pray that this should be a shockingly smooth week for you with the treatments being as easy as is possible (and even easier) and most of all that they should be successful and that you should never, ever have to think about this again.

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