Happy Rosh Chodesh and a happy one it is!

BARUCH HASHEM Benny is safely home for Shabbos.  I know this had been a difficult week to follow. We have tremendous Hakaros Hatov (thanks) for all of you who have extended yourself in ways only Hashem (G-D) will know as a Zechus (merit) for Benny to pull through. B”H you are have all earned the MVP -Most Valuable Player Award this week and we have our precious “big boy (as he calls himself) Benny home, healthy and happy for Shabbos. A special thank you to our cousin Fruma, who flew across country to help us survive the week. The kids are already asking when you are coming back.

I am hopeful that Benny will only remember the happy times this week; like the trip to the ice cream store today with the Solomon’s, or receiving a deluxe set of Magna Tiles from Tamar, eating a delicious piece of roast before Shabbos and nibbling on home made cookies. Alyssa, great choice on the trains and backpack Bear!

Thank you Bikur Cholim and Chai Life Line, who provided us with all the food and help we needed to get thru these past two strenuous weeks.

Thank you to my mother for cooking our Shabbos and to our dear friends who cooked and baked food as well. One less thing to take care of or make decisions on goes a long way. It gave us the ability to only focus on Benny and our other children. We are eager to put this behind us and begin to reciprocate very soon.

Before discharge from the hospital today, the hospital had another event in honor of Mother’s Day. Of course every day is Mother’s Day, but today, I got to be on the receiving end provided by an organization called Beauty Bus Foundation.  An hour of hair, make up and massage was just what I needed at the end of this week. It’s not something I would do on my own, but being that I was invited and it was down the hall, I went.  These hairstylists, makeup artists and massage therapists all volunteered their time and services. It was a wonderful thing to see and be a part of and I made sure to praise each and everyone.

Here’s a photo gallery of the week:

Getting some rain water – healing waters in the month of Iyar – before starting treatment.

Good Shabbos!

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