We will Do and We will Listen

The table is set, the flowers are arranged, the Challahs are baking and cheese cake is cooling in the fridge.  We are hours away from Matan Torah. We have waited so patiently and anxiously for this day. A day that we have prepared for the last 49 days.

Truth be told, this is a day we have been waiting for more than 365 days. Last year this time, we were uncertain of Benny’s condition and how he would handle the strenuous treatments mapped out for him.  B”H we are so close to the end of this most challenging journey.   We are hopeful, but continue to pray more than ever that the treatments were and are successful, so that we can soon begin a new journey of life.

Tomorrow, IY”H we will be reading the Aseres Hadibros (The Ten Commandments). We were told last year that listening and seeing the words of the Aseres Hadibros is very powerful and have the strength to heal (just as all Jews were healed at the original giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai).  Last year, Benny was just recovering from an intense chemotherapy and yet he went to shul (synagogue) to listen and see the Holy words.   At the time, as the Jews did 3,300 plus years ago, we said, “we will do and we will listen.”

That is exactly how we lived our lives this past year. “We” and I speak for all of you who are reading this, you DO.  Every action, every Tefilla that you did and continue to do as a Zechus for Benny’s Refuah allowed us to make it to this point.  “Listen,” each and every one of you took Benny to heart and listened to our Bakoshos (requests), dropped everything at a moment’s notice when the email or call went out to Daven (pray), light a candle, give Tzedaka, cook a meal, etc.

Matan Torah, is a day like no other. There are no questions.  There is only clarity. This past year, living in and out of the hospital, gave us a glimpse into the meaning and understanding of life. This past year gave us the opportunity to become closer to Hashem (G-D) on levels that we did not even know existed. While there may be distractions outside of the hospital, the minute we step thru those doors, we feel we are walking into Hashem’s chambers.  Hashem is the only one Who can determine the comfort our stay and when we will be discharged.  There is clarity and full understanding as to Who is running this world; the same clarity that we experienced on Matan Torah. The same clarity that is available to us on a daily basis if we just use the precious gift of Torah that was handed down to us on Har Sinai.

Today, Benny turned 2 ½ years old. In just one day, we see a dramatic change.  He woke up this morning speaking full sentences.  This is a child who spoke about 25-30 words just a few weeks ago.  Learning to speak took months of hard work (ok mostly play), but today, he (and we) are enjoying the fruits of his labor.

May we all be Zoche (worthy) this coming Yom Tov to reach that level of clarity through Hashem’s gift of Torah and not thru what we experience as painful.

In the times before Moshiach, Hashem’s greatness will be recognized throughout the world.  Over the last several days, I have received numerous emails and photos from literally around the world of people praying to Hashem for Benny’s Refuah.   Benny is only 2 ½ KA”H (barely spoke a word), and yet has been given the Koach (strength) and Zechus (merit) to spread the greatness of Hashem throughout the world.   Let us all remain healthy and do the same.

Good Yom Tov!

P.s. Thank you to Chai Lifeline for the yummy cheesecake and to Avigdor for the fabulous Munchies tray. The kids (including of course, Benny) will be on a sugar high the whole Yom Tov! Yay!!!

Pictures from around the world:

Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Israel

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