Simchas HaChaim – Trademark

B”H Benny is doing well. He’s thrilled to be home, going to Shul and playing with friends.  Sometimes, I wonder if being home is more exhausting then staying in the hospital. Although, we left the hospital just a little over one week ago, it seems like we’ve been home a month. The fatigue unfortunately, feels like we left yesterday.


Yom Tov was truly wonderful with family and friends. Benny went to Shul both days and made sure to hear and see, as the Aseres Hadibros were read. We were told that it is a merit for a complete Refuah Shlema. I remember we did it last year as well. As we have the reached the point of repeating Segula’s or meeting certain Rabbi’s for the second time, who make their annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles, we feel a sense of relief B”H.  We are BE”H (with the help of Hashem) close to the end of this journey. One never knows what will be for certain, but if all goes at least close to plan, we are looking at a couple more month’s IY”H.


The feelings of despair have been transformed into hope. The hope and vision of Benny living a long, healthy, happy, and productive life IY”H.  We all learn about change, but how many of us actually take that challenge to heart and do something about it. In one year, I have learned more from my two year old son, then all of my years. I learned the importance of when to cry, when to smile, when to let things slide, when to stand up for what you believe in, how to give and how to receive, how to inhale and how to exhale, how to function on no sleep, how to be in the room during a blood transfusion, how to flush his lines (huge deal) and change a dressing, how to Daven ((pray) and most of all, how to live Simchas Hachaim (happiness).


Simchas Hachaim is Benny’s trademark. One that is contagious to everyone in his path. I do believe if we all remain committed to making a difference in this world as a Zechus for yourselves and for Benny, he and you will BE”H remain healthy, strong and happy for 120 years.


Sometimes Simchas Hachaim can be achieved just over a platter of candy. OK, so it’s not just any platter…! Whatever works!

If you have a picture you would like to share supporting “Team Benny,” please send it our way. I am working on a collage of photos from around the world. Thank you!




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