Benny Shops

It has been an extremely long time since Benny has gone shopping.
He did get frustrated early on when he couldn’t find anything to buy. He pointed to the suit on the mannequin and said, “i want my size.” He especially liked the ties. By the end of the trip the he enough!

Later in the evening we were invited to join in the completion of writing a Sefer Torah. Mazal Tov to the Andrusier Family. Wishing you only good health, Mazal and Bracha.


One thought on “Benny Shops

  1. faigy, it was amazing seeing you and benny today. seeing benny in our school today gave everyone a renewed feeling of strength, that we will pull through. we saw live that all our teffilos really helped, and realized no teffilah goes unanswered. benny was, and is a real source of inspiration to everyone. may he only continue to grow, and have a refuah sheleima b’karov, and may you be zoche to see only nachas and simcha from benny!!!

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