Finals – Day One

We are several hours into treatment. B”H Benny is doing well so far. The treatment is scheduled over 4 days, 10 hour drips minimum per day if all goes well IY”H.

We pray that the treatment should be successful without any side effects such as high fevers, difficulty breathing and pain.

IY”H, This week marks the beginning to the end of a very long and intense journey.  This week also marks one of the most intense weeks of treatment for Elimelech ben Basya. He is staying down the hall thru the double doors undergoing his stem cell transplant. This treatment should IY”H clean out any harmful cells remaining in his body and be replaced with fresh and healthy clean cells.

Last week, our dear Aunt Sheila who came to visit from NY, gave a wonderful Shiur (class) in our home on the power of positive speech.  She shared with us a story that when one of her family members had gone thru a similar experience as ours, the family took on to learn Shmiras Haloshen. As a result, the child did not get even one mouth sore as predicted when going thru a transplant.

I would like to arrange a nightly teleconference (about 10 minutes long) where we say a Kapital (chapter) of Tehillim (Psalms) and learn a Halacha of Shmiros Haloshon, as a Zechus for our children that they weather thru without any side effects IY”H.  If you would like to be part of the class, please email me, .

Below is an excerpt from the shiur :

We stressed the need for Shmiras Haloshon in order for all of our Tefillos (prayers) to be accepted. We would not serve a King (or anyone) on a dirty dish; we therefore, do not want to offer our Tefillos to our King with a dirty mouth.

Really, we need to study the laws in detail. My children have been studying from a book called “Purity of Speech” It presents the laws of Shmiras Haloshon in a clear manner with lots of examples.

We know that there are 7 conditions to be met before we say something negative about someone. Having a good Toeles –purpose, is only one of the conditions.

The Chofetz Chaim Heritage foundation came out with this easy to remember mnemonic.


C  heck

A  ccurate

U you speak to the person first

T hink

I intention

O use Other method (when possible)

N o worse punishment


Check- that all information is first hand information and not just hearsay.

Accurate – Do not exaggerate, even if you think you will not be believed if you don’t.

U- You speak to the person himself first, rather than letting someone else.

Think, is this prohibited, or just not what you like.

Intention – You must have a positive reason to tell this. If you harbor any animosity at all against the person, you are not allowed to speak.

O use Other method whenever possible (such as making a different suggestion).

No worse punishment should occur as a result of your negative speech, than what Bais Din (court) allows.

We want to help people and not hurt them. We want all our Tefillos and Torah to be accepted by Hashem.

  May Hashem bless all of us to have the Koach to live according to His/our goodwill. 

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