Day Two

B”H your Tefillos and Ma’asim tovim (good deeds) are working beautifully. Benny had a good day yesterday. Other than just being upset for a few hours that his Daddy had to leave to go to work, he did not have any side effects from the medications. Elimelech is also doing ok B”H.

We are a few minutes away from beginning day two of treatment. Please continue to do what you have been doing, we see it is working B”H. Thank you Elimelech for the yummy doughnuts your mommy bought Benny this morning.

We had a few special visitors yesterday. “Uncle” Avi spent some time coloring a picture for Benny in the playroom before he went back to NJ. Benny is still upset you left, but he does like your masterpiece! Thank you Tamar for the visit, helping Benny decide on which shirt to wear (do all your kids wear two shirts a day?), and the delicious fruit salad. We also had a special surprise visitor from our hometown, Dovid G. Thank you so much for making the effort to visit (for the second time no less). Hopefully, your next visit will be for a Simcha IY”H very soon.

Last week, we were not in the hospital, but they did have some surprise guests that came to visit the children. I wish I would have known because I probably would have brought in Benny. Benny’s favorite character’s, Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street came to visit the children. Elmo, if you happen to be following the blog, please come back this week :).





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