Graduation Week

B”H day two of treatment has now been completed. B”H no side effects today. There is no way of knowing what will be from day to day, but the only thing we know for sure is that all your Tefillos continue to work.

The days are quite long and exhausting. Alti, was very helpful today, as was his brother Joey and friend, Avigayil, Alyssa, Tamar, Shoshie and of course Zaida. Today, Benny played with the thermometer by pressing the button to shoot the plastic sleeve off. He aimed it at people pretending to shoot. He also said several times, “I want to ‘potch’ the doctor. It was pretty funny. Benny B”H has a lot of energy and usually spends a good few hours fighting to take a nap, until his body just gives in. Today, that happened around 4:30 pm., not the ideal time. Of course he got a second wind in the evening and fell asleep about an hour ago. Benny’s Daddy had the shift this evening until the changing of the guards occurred around 11 pm.

Throughout the day, we received visitors from staff around the hospital bidding farewell to Benny. These are people who have become part of our life over the past 14 months. It’s bitter sweet. On the one hand, we never want to be affiliated with these people, yet, on the other hand, we are so grateful for what they have done. They are genuinely excited that this is our last hospital stay (not because we are high (chai) maintenance), but because I think they enjoy seeing Benny’s Simchas Hachaim (love of life). I pray to Hashem that our mission is soon complete and that we can return as visitors only.

Today, I bought Benny a graduation balloon for his room as we celebrate Graduation Week. To all those seniors out there, you can relate to some of the feelings we are experiencing this week. You are thrilled to be finally out of school, yet you will be sad to leave your friends and even some teachers behind. There is a sense of security that you now feel, but once you turn your tassel, and freedom kicks in, you are left to make decisions on your own. You step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

My Bracha (blessing) to all you graduates out there, Hashem should bless you with clarity and guide you in the right path in all areas of your life. Your life should only be filled with Mazal and Bracha and a deep connection with Hashem.


I know many of you have read the blog, and feel uncomfortable writing back because we do not know you. I have one request of you that was only asked once before when we were in CHOP. That is to send Benny Ecards. I am compiling all his letters over the course of the last 14 months into a book that he can IY”H read when he is older. I would like to include Ecards from each and every one of you. It can be a graduation cards, a congrats etc., you can decide. Please include a message of how you helped him thru his treatment and a message he can hold onto for the rest of his long and healthy life IY”H.

I hope one day to personally write each and everyone of you back and for Benny to write as well. Below is a website for free Ecard greeting cards. Thank you in advance. the convention



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