Please take a moment during the morning rush to Daven

I don’t usually write this early 5 am.

At about 3:30 am the nurse came in to draw labs to test the level of Benny blood. The study for the medication Benny will IY”H be receiving today, requires Benny’s hemoglobin to be above the number 10. The level came back at 9.6 and therefore, Benny will require a blood transfusion. Benny has received many transfusions in the past and B”H did just fine. IY”H he will this time as well, however, for some reason the doctor on call tonight, just came in the room to tell me the risks involved and asks me to sign a form consenting to blood. I stopped her in middle and said, I don’t want to hear and not to use the word “rare.” For some reason when dr.’s have said “rare” in the past, lets just say, it has not worked in Benny’s favor. When asked why I have to sign a consent form this time, she said it is something done twice a year.

So now, I find myself wondering why did this all occur in the first place. The answer is simple, Hashem loves hearing our Tefillos, especially right in the middle of the morning rush hour, when it is not the easiest of times. Please take a few moments and ask Hashem that the blood Benny is about to receive be a good match without any side effects Chas VeShalom (G-D Forbid).

Hebrew121-1 Hebrew130-1


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