Benny’s getting his teeth polished in the OR now!

Benny is currently in the Operating Room having his teeth repaired from tooth decay, as a result from all the medications received over the course of the year. IYH he will be ready to smile in a couple of hours to face the paparazzi upon his much anticipated return home IY”H.
Elimelech Ben Basya is moments away from receiving his stem cells. The next week is crucial and he will need all of our Tefillos to help him thru IYH without any side effects.

Please take a moment to Daven for our children now and when you light candles tonight.
Elimelech ben Basya
Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah
And Rafael Yoel Ozer. Who IYH is going into surgery tomorrow to have his feeding tube removed .
All our Tefillos should be a cure for all te Cholim in the world.



On the way into the OR

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