Dear Family and Friends –

It is with great joy and thanks to Hashem that we share with each of you that Benny (ad meah v’esrim) has completed his final course of immunotherapy.

Tomorrow Today we go home after what we hope will be his final week-long hospital stay. We are thankful to Hashem for the healing hand we felt throughout this entire 14 month journey – and are thankful – at a level we cannot adequately express – to each and every one of you who participated in Team Benny. Your words of tefillah carried the day time after time. Your kindness to our family gives us an inkling of what the Chessed of Hashem is. Your actions on behalf of Benny, and the other children in need, leave us constantly shaking our head in wonder and saying “Mi K’Amcha Yisroel”!

While we still have a road ahead of us to complete Benny’s at home treatments and then further testing over the next two years to ensure that the disease is truly gone, we feel the need to thank Hashem for carrying us for the past year plus and bringing us to this major milestone.

This Shabbos we have the zechus to celebrate milestones with the rest of our wonderful children as well. Yehoshua Elyokim turned 10 years old this past week, Shmuel Tuvia turns 8 this coming week and Rivka Basya is graduating elementary school in the coming weeks.

So join us in our small impromptu celebration this Shabbos at Shaarei Torah (La Brea Ave) – and just to be clear for those concerned… this is not a seudas hoda’ah – just a seuda of hoda’ah.

Davening is 830am, Kiddush to follow.

2 thoughts on “Kiddush!!!

  1. Hi,I’ve been following your blog since this past summer where i met your daughter Rivka Basya .You must be a really strong person to go through all this and not have like a mental break down and i respect you for your courage.I have my whole class davening for Benny.When they hear the news they will i’m sure be really excited !I know i am I have never met Benny and probably never will but i want you to know that i davened and my freinds davened for benny .It just goes to show that h
    Hashem is there to help us thru our hard times.May you just have nachas from your family and nothing else !

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