No more sleepovers IY”H

B”H Benny is fast asleep. I just removed his tie and shoes and tucked him in one last time in his hospital bed. Good night eagle, good night room #4352.

I am too overcome with emotion to sleep.

Today, was a day of thank you’s.  Thank you to all the wonderful people of CHLA who took amazing care of our Benny. From the valet attendants, to the receptionists that check us in, to the cafeteria and gift shop cashiers, to the security guards, to the child life specialists who work hard each and every day to brighten up our day, to the volunteers who bring their dogs by, to the volunteer librarians who read at the bedside, to the musicians, to the cleaning crews who shine the floors, to the chaplain who delivered our kosher refrigerator to the room every visit, to all the visitors we knew and those that we met for the first time, to Bikur Cholim for arranging blood and platelets, endless meals and medical assistance, and to Chai Life Line who brightened our long days, weeks and months with food, gifts, volunteeres and much more. To the incredible therapists, nurses, pcsa’s and doctors of CHLA.

Today was a day of good-byes.  Good-bye, noisy irritating beeping machines, good-bye vital signs in the middle of the night, good-bye painful medications, good-bye scale, good-bye 4 walls, good-bye view of downtown LA (I did like that though), good-bye bed /bench, good-bye fear, good-bye and good ridden Cancer forever and ever.

Today, Benny walked around the hospital dressed in his tie and Shabbos shoes. For some of the time he wore his pretend Talis too. He also began rehearsing for tomorrow’s graduation IY”H.  I hope he will feel okay tomorrow IY”H after his dental treatment and will be able to enjoy walking out of here!

Tomorrow, Benny is scheduled to have his teeth cleaned and cavities filled. Being that he is so young and he has quite a few to fill, he will have to be put under sedation in the OR.  Currently he is scheduled for his treatment at 12:30, hopefully sooner, especially because he won’t be allowed to eat 8 hours prior and drink 4 hours prior.

Benny still has another month of oral medication before he is ready to go for scans. Only then IY”H after he gets a clean bill of health will his central line (like a port) be removed. IY”H some time in July. In the meantime we are given the opportunity to Daven more and continue to do all we have done until this point, as a zechus. IMG_9530


 Tonight I had the children brought to the hospital (thank you Alti) so they can congratulate Benny upon his completion of treatment and to say a proper good bye to the hospital IY”H. IMG_9598

One thought on “No more sleepovers IY”H

  1. This should be a new beginning of Mazel Tov, Bracha, Good Health, and Simcha in Benny’s life! Amen Amen Amen.
    It is so moving to read your description of the end of this journey with this hospital, the staff, the room, the experiences. More than you ever wanted to know.

    Now if you ever come back it will be to give other people the support you understand too well they will need.

    Go home, have a Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Menucha, and give all your precious kids a great big hug.


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