A Day of Thank you

We had a full day today. In the morning we went to Maimonides elementary school to say thank you to the children who have been davening for Benny the last 14 months. Today was the first time they met Benny or Binyomin Chaim as they know him. They knew me as Faigie Sarah (I havent been called by my full name since I was a little girl). I didn’t mind one bit.
The junior high was quite moved meeting Benny. The 1st and 2nd graders were literally jumping for joy. If Benny knew anything about fame, he sure would feel good on that alone.
He primarily was interested in riding the bikes in the playground and sliding down the slide. He did enjoy when the 1st graders sang Ani Ma’amin. And he loved Emily’s excitement when she heard Benny is BH doing better.




After school we headed to the Grove for a quick errand at the post office. We stopped off at Coffee Bean for Benny’s favorite drink, a carmel ice blend and then hopped on the trolley for a ride. Benny waved to all those walking below. Maybe he does know his celebrity status after all !
After the Grove we had another errand to go on downtown.
The errand was near a fire station and so we knocked on the fire station door and said hi. The fireman and dog “Bear” gave us such a warm greeting a even took us on a ride in the fire truck for about 5 minutes. Benny really enjoyed the ride and even getting licked by the dog.




3 thoughts on “A Day of Thank you

  1. Dear Faigie,

    BH I hope things should start to slow down and perhaps feel like a routine for you – how are all the other children doing? I’d love to hear have they’ve faired thru this storm in their lives. It’s inevitable that as things focused on Benny things can be hard for the other kids.
    I know because Josh’s sister has a terminally ill child, this child is the second born. The older son has had it very hard as the whole family life focuses so much on the little girl. Of course the parents do as much as they can for him, but as you know, a sick child is the priority, so what can you do?

    I truly pray that all your kinderlach can get all the hugs and kisses and ‘Mommy time’ they need and deserve (and YOU need from them) going forward!


    • We are trying to do our best at giving the other children what they need. Not always east. I haven’t been able to give the boys the birthday party they want so badly. I hope I will be able too.
      we are at a place, where we now need to pick up the pieces and begin to think and work at paying back what we owe as a result of this matzav. The challenge may be as close to the one we just endured. Of course it is all of to the Ribono Shel Olam.
      Thanks for being such an amazing friend and supporter throughout our journey.

  2. Team Benny has been quite large. Glad to see that you have had so much support. Praying now that will continue and that Benny can live more of a normal pace and life. Amazing how much treatment he has had and how you were able to be there for him the whole way.

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