This week, our dearest friend’s, the Feder’s sent out a video of the “Miraculous” recovery of their son Rafael Yoel Ozer ben Chaya Malka (it is on you tube, search for Rafael Yoel Ozer and be sure to have a box of tissues handy). The purpose of the video is to spread the greatness and kindness of Hashem and most of all Hakaros Hatov to Hashem and all those that Davened and continue to do so for their 2 year old son.

A couple days ago, my sister called me up and said how moving the video was. We then went on to discuss the similarities of the two boys experience. I will begin with a little history.

2 1/2 years ago, these two boys were born 7 weeks apart . They lived across the street from each other, which basically was like one house. Each were named after their great grandfather, whom each mother adored so much, and as my husband said at Benny’s Bris, most people have a baby and then plan on the name, I had a name and then had to plan the baby. The same went for Michelle and her baby.

Then, into the second year of these boys lives, they each were faced with a challenge that would have an impact of the rest of their lives. They each were faced with the battle of their lives, a fight to live! Each boy was faced with something so rare and yet both had the same rare sign that something was very wrong. The bump on the left eye.

I was bothered for quite some time, not knowing the reason behind the meaning of the bump and just this week it became clear. “Physically,” each bump stood for something else, but “spiritually” it was the exact same thing. The “bump” on the eye stands for “the outlook” these boys have on life. The “outlook” we should all have on life. The bump was external, however, to have the proper “outlook” we must search within our internal being. If we are able to train ourselves to reach into our deepest chambers and connect with our Neshama (soul), then no matter what challenges come our way, miraculously, those challenges become manageable. So much so, that the challenges become less fearful and in fact, become uplifting as strange as it may sound. These two boys took the bumps (and there were many more along their journey) and smoothed them out with strength, determination, will and most of all with love they feel towards Hashem.

How is it, that these 2 1/2 year olds have clarity on what the proper outlook on life should be, and we as grown ups are at times confused? I believe the answer is distraction. Our minds are cluttered with distraction and sometimes it leaves no room for Emes (truth).

My Zaida Ben O”H, the last year of his life suffered from cataract. He was so distraught when he could no longer see the words of the Gemara clearly, so he decided to have surgery at the age of 95 (several weeks before his 96th birthday). At the time, he would have had the procedure covered if he waited 4 months. He couldn’t wait that long. Why? His answer was “Daf G’mara…18,000 shekel. what’s the question!” and paid for the procedure out of pocket the following week. Unfortunately, the procedure was not successful and my dear, dear Zaida lost the desire to continue living if he could no longer learn inside a G’mara or Chumash. Zaida Ben O”H had clarity, he lived a life with the proper “outlook,” until the day he was Niftar (passed away).

B”H that clarity and proper “outlook” is once again prominent in the lives of these two little boys. Please continue to Daven for our boys and all the Cholim that need a complete Refuah Shlema.

On a fun note, Benny enjoyed the day bike riding at the ocean. His brother Yosef Tzvi did a great job pedaling and pulling the “wagon” that was attached to the bike.

Then this evening Benny and his family attended a local concert starring, Lipa, Benny Friedman and 8th Day. Benny’s loved Lipa’s costumes, especially when he wore a “Team Benny” cap with his red K’pata (coat) and red shoes. It coordinated so well :). He called Lipa “the funny man.”

Today, I also finally met my “new friend” from California Adventure. The meeting went really well, although no sales 🙁 (just kidding). My friend “J” is very talented and offered to Be-Dazzle (crystalize) a Team Benny cap. I can’t wait to see it. She is also very spiritual and warm and has a wonderful “outlook” on life.


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