Summer is here!

This summer is B”H off to quite a different start from last year. Yesterday, was the first day my boys went off to day camp and I was home to make their lunches, drive them and kiss them goodbye (around the corner from camp of course!).  Tonight, I was at the airport bidding farewell and kissing goodbye to my daughter who is off to sleep away camp. I cannot remember the airport run last year, and that is because I was in the hospital with Benny for most of last summer. Tomorrow IY”H,  one more child departs to camp and then the gears change to camp Benny/Mommy.

B”H Benny is no longer in the hospital, but unfortunately cannot be in camp either. I am not sure how safe it is for him to go, being that he still has a central line. On the one hand, I love spending every waking minute with him, and sleeping as well, but I know he enjoys playing with children his own age too. IY”H the time will come soon that he too can go to camp. In the meantime, it’s” Camp Mommy”. I can tell you one thing, I am not going on a camp trip to Disney this summer. The lines are too long and it is too hot!  Plus I already met my “new friend” at Disney!

Benny just completed his second to last round of Accutane. One more to go IY”H in a couple of weeks and then it will be time for scans and IY”H surgery to have his central line removed. Although, I don’t like when the summer flies by, I wouldn’t mind it hurrying up until after we are all done with treatment, then the summer can slow down.

Yesterday, Benny enjoyed a play date with a nine year old girl, Rina, who made him another duct tape tie and played  Shabbos with Menchies. Today, he enjoyed a day at the park with his friend Meir.  He also enjoyed watching his older brothers play baseball.

I will try and update the blog more frequently, as long as the schedule allows it.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful and happy summer.





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