On the front lines

Since the last post that Ari wrote Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night), notifying our family and friends of the passing of Bracha, we have been doing our best to be strong and positive for ourselves and for our family.  It is not easy. When one is on the front lines fighting a war and his/her comrade loses their battle, it is extremely difficult. While one needs to mourn, at the same time they need to continue in battle.

This period of the three weeks, signifies the battle of our Holy Bais Hamikdosh (Holy Temple in Jerusalem).  It is not an individual battle, but one we share as a nation. Although, Bracha Sara Chaya was on the front lines with girded loins, Simchas Hachaim and a glow that could blind any enemy, she was never alone. She had an army behind her. Even though, she was wounded on many occasions, she kept on picking herself up, with a smile no less. She gave strength to all those supporting her. Her courage in the face of a constant battle with an overwhelming enemy, shows that she walked into each battle with a Master Warrior at her side. The only weapons she needed were her Tehillim , her mother’s tears, her friends’ love and her belief that she was fulfilling her mission in life.

Bracha O”H may not be here physically anymore, but her legacy remains. We now must use the tools that she provided and learn from her ways, so that we can continue this battle of Galus (Exile) and win, once in for all. May we all be Zoche to dance in the courtyards of the Bais Hamikdosh this year IY”H.


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