A Day of Independence

Benny had a full week of “Benny” camp activities. Here is a recap of the week.

Sunday began with a relaxing morning just for mom’s sponsored by Chai Life Line. Following that, Make a Wish Foundation came to our home to find out what Benny’s wish is.

We discussed many different ideas, one he talks about all the time is to go to an island and go swimming with the Dolphins.  One idea that is quite grand and I don’t think done before was a trip around the world, but with a  twist.  The idea behind the “world tour,” is to meet and greet and thank all those people, young and old around the world for praying and undertaking great tasks in their life for Benny’s Refuah. It would be a trip of Hakaros Hatov and also a trip of showing people the power of their prayers.  We suggested all this can be done as a documentary of “Team Benny.”  It would be an incredible Kiddush Hashem as well.

The following day, I took Benny and Yosef Tzvi to Underwood farm. There he enjoyed combing the hair of the goats, feeding the chickens, going on a train ride around the farm and doing a fabulous job at picking strawberries and squash. ( Believe it or not, Benny is loving the soup we made out of the squash). As we were leaving the fields, a camera crew showed up (about 19 people) with cameras. Our first reaction was, “Wow! Make a Wish works fast”. Then we inquired who they were with and it was Torri Spelling filming some segment for a food network show.  When they saw Benny wearing a Team Benny hat, they asked who’s Benny.  It didn’t take long before they too were wearing  Team Benny hat and joined the team.


Tuesday, Benny spent most of the day with his new friends, Shmuli and Yaakov. They went to an indoor playhouse, jumped in the balls and went down slides.

Wednesday, Benny  tested his skills in video games, ski ball, basket ball at an arcade. Boy was he upset when we left.

Today, Benny really enjoyed his Day of Independence at home with his family and friends.  It was this time last year, that we were in the hospital on this legal holiday. Benny really celebrated, first with a  nice lunch at Fish Grill with Alti and her nephews, and then we decided to take a trip to the hospital just for a visit. We wanted to say hi to the nurses on 4 West (that is the unit where we spent the most time) and let them know we were thinking of them today.  We also made sure to bring them hot dogs, hot off the grill with all the trimmings.  Walking thru the hospital was eerie. It was very quiet, hardly anyone walking the halls. It was also our first time back since we left close to a month ago. This time when we got our passes to go upstairs, it was a “visitor” pass verses a parent/patient pass B”H. Unfortunately, Benny slept thru the entire visit. However, the nurses were still thrilled to see him and how big he has grown and how long his hair is getting B”H.   These nurses put their heart and soul into their job, and it is nice be able to see successful outcomes IY”H from all their hard work.

Tonight, Benny enjoyed a barbecue with his family and friends and watching fireworks from his Bubby and Zaida’s porch.

This truly was a day of Independence. A day for Benny to run around, not be hooked up to any medications, a day to enjoy his freedom.  May we all be Zoche to experience the “true” day of Independence very soon with the coming of Moshiach.



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