Shed a Tear

Over the last several days I have heard a number of lectures on how we are supposed to feel during the period of these nine days. The common theme throughout is no surprise, sadness, pain and tears.  Why?  Because before something great we need to go thru pain, such as child birth. So too, are the pains before Moshiach.

Last year this time, I did not have the privilege of going out to shiurim (lectures).  I have to say, I did not need any coaching on how to cry or how to feel pain. Stepping foot in the hospital or perhaps not leaving, set the tone for my nine days.

Although, B”H this time we have been hospital free, we are reminded daily of Benny’s battle that we must win. The covering of his lines in the bath, or flushing his lines at night, or the oral medications that he still needs, all act as a reminder.

B”H we are hopeful that these nine days will bring an end to our feelings of somber, sadness and pain. We must use this time to remember Yerushalayim, Jerusalem who feels sadness and pain without its’ Bais Hamikdosh.  For those of us who don’t have a white square symbolic of Zecher L’Churban in their front entrance, perhaps during the 9 days at least, we can hang an 8  x11 piece of white paper by our entrance to remind us of what to be sad for, and what to Daven for.

Just as Chas Veshalom, I don’t ever want to get used to seeing foreign lines coming out of Benny’s chest, I don’t want to get comfortable with the Golus we are in either. Let us feel the pain for just a little bit longer, so that IY”H very soon we will be Zoche to experience the  ultimate simcha (happiness), the Geula Shlema B’Korov.



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