Benny’s week

This week Benny started what we hope is the last treatment of Accutane and IYh the last treamtment related to this disease.
We are very hopeful and anxious IYH for this the be the last treatment once in for all. As you all know this has been a very long 15 months; one that you have been part of since the very beginning.
What we hope more than anything is that we nor any other person in Klal Yisroel or righteous person suffer from this disease or others.
We pray that these final days of mourning are our last and that this coming T’sha B’Av is the Geula that we have been yearning for so long.
BH Benny is enjoying these summer days in camp Mommy and camp Alti.
If you have been to Fish Grill lately you may see a new fixture … Benny has been lunching there practically daily. His favorite food on the menu is Fish n Chips.
Other activities this week included , Scooter Jungle, Kidspace Museum, and The Aquarium and clinic (no fun).


Fish Grill poster boy!

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