Match Maker

B”H Benny is doing well this week, even though at times he was a bit cookoo from the Accutane medication. We are grateful that we have reached the last day tomorrow IY”H for  this medication. We hope and pray that BE”H this will be the last time Benny will ever have to take another pill.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t post earlier because I had been battling a headache for three consecutive days. I was ready to go in for a blood test, but then I hypothosized that the headaches and tiredness may be caused by the no carb no sugar regimen I put myself on.  Because I felt the need to update the web, I decided to go back on carbs and sugar :).

The week started off pretty sad for Benny as you can see below. His good friends Yaakov and Shmuli went back home to Israel. Benny learned quiet a bit from these friends, including how to dive off a couch and eat salmon for lunch, compliments of Fish Grill. We hope you boys come back soon.


freindsleft The week filled up pretty quickly with trips to the ice cream store, shoe store, visiting a neighbor with a 3 week old bunny, planting, baking and performing a puppet show for his cousins, Sholom and Ahuva.


Last Shabbos, I read over a very powerful message written by Rebetzin Yemima Mizrachi on Tu B’Av. I was deeply inspired and decided I must do something to help the singles of our community. I was told over by someone that in order for an inspiration to last you need to put in on an object. I needed to act quickly and so Motzei Shabbos an email was sent out.  It was a message inviting the single ladies of our community to Tehillim and a Brochos party in our home. I would have loved to arrange a dance (like in our ancestor days), but I wanted people to show up!

Of course Benny attended the party and even covered one of the single young ladies with a  bridal veil.  He also showed off his new sneakers and showed the ladies how the Chosen (groom) stomps his foot (to break the glass of course).  Unfortunately, he may have broken a few hearts that night. but did give the ladies a lesson on how to win over a little boys heart. tubav Benny the matchmaker.  Even though, his taste is eccentric, he sure looks confident wearing two different colored shoes. Two shoes, walking side by side with one body leading the way. Isn’t that what a relationship is all about. How two people, as different as yellow and red, can get along if they both have the vision and drive to walk together down the same road lead by the one and only Master above. decisions


Erev Shabbos Kodesh:

Please Daven for Ruchama Avigayil Maima Rochel bas Rifka Penina. A close friend, a prominent member of our community, a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Please Hashem, I beg of YOU to stop, stop testing us and pushing us to the end of our limits. Please allow us to live, to love, to laugh and to give.  As a mother who cries to you every night and asks of YOU to give my son a long and healthy life, I am now asking of you to give a family to live with their mother for 120 healthy and happy years.

Please Daven for Elimelech ben Basya this Shabbos. He is back in the hospital and need a complete Refuah Shlema .

Good Shabbos!

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