Week of Finals

We have been preparing for the past 16 months for this coming week of tests. These are the tests that will IY”H give us the green light to move forward with a life, full of good health and longevity IY”H. The preparations have been long, very long; painful, very painful; tiring, all nighters; lonely, in a crowded room,  but as difficult as it has been we are B”H finally ready.

We feel ready, only because of your incredible support. It was and is a support that is not pulled, rather carried. It was a load (extra wide and extra heavy) that was suspended in mid air thru your Tefillos, your Ma’asim Tovim. Every utterance said on Binyomin Chaim’s behalf combated his disease, one cell at a time.  The Tefillos (prayers) and Ma’asim Tovim (good deeds) destroy the unhealthy cells and replaces them with healthy, strong and ever lasting cells for generations to come IY”H.

Thank you for carrying us throughout this journey. We look forward to holding hands  at Simchos from this day forward.

Tomorrow’s test is a MRI at 12pm. Benny will be put under anesthesia for this test. Please have him in mind and Daven for his safety and clean scans IY”H.

As Benny is undergoing this procedure we will continue to Daven for Ruchama Avigayil Maima Rochel bas Rivka Penina for her complete Refuah Shlema min Hashamayim. We have tremendous Hakaros Hatov to Avigayil for all that she has helped us with this past year. In her Zechus alone for all the 1000’s of people that have benefitted from her hands, she should have a full recovery.


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