2 Down, 1 to Go IY”H

Friday can’t come soon enough. It’s only Tuesday, but sure feels like Friday, or maybe just getting off a red eye. There are no clocks visible in hospitals, maybe because the days and nights don’t match up with what the clock says.

Check in time today was 8 am for the CT scan. The actual scan took place around 10:45. Prior to the test, Benny had to drink 20 oz of contrast mixed with apple juice. Benny was not happy being strapped down to the table, B”H it was no more than 10 minutes. Before we left the technician said, “we will see you at the end of the year!” I really hope she was speaking as a Shliach (messenger) from G-D, giving us over good news before we hear it from the doctor on Thursday. After this week’s scans, if all goes well BE”H, we won’t have to go for scans for the next 3-4 months.

After the CT, we went to nuclear medicine to get another injection (via Benny’s central line) for tomorrow’s MIBG scan. The medication had not yet arrived (via UPS from Florida), so we went home and waited for the call when it arrived. At 1 pm Joey and I headed back to the hospital for the injection. We were out of there by 2.

To help Benny forget about his stressful day, we took him to play arcade games and win some prizes. It wasn’t before long that the paparazzi found Benny and snapped away. Pictures courteous of Yehudis Schoen Photography.

Tomorrow, IY”H is Benny’s final test. We are scheduled for the MIBG test at 1pm with a check in at 12. Unfortunately, this test requires anesthesia and that means Benny cannot eat after tonight until after the exam. Please Daven that he will be safe and that the results from all these tests are A+.

While we pray for this journey to come to an end, we cannot forget for a moment those children, mothers and fathers that are still battling this disease.

As we all continue to Daven, say Tehillim, and give Tzedeka we must keep these individuals in mind throughout our day. When I send my children off to camp, I ask Hashem that my friend Ruchama Avigail Mayma Rochel bas Rivka Penina be blessed with a complete Refuah Shlema, so that she too can kiss her children before they go off to camp. I pray that she will be able to light her Shabbos candles this Erev Shabbos and be with her family for Shabbos in her home. When I go shopping at the grocery, I pray that I will see her again soon, in the aisles, filing up her cart with food to cook for her family. Ruchama Avigail Mayma Rochel bas Rivka Penina is a friend to our entire community. She is the one who knows of the lonely elderly, who need a meal or just a visit, or a ride to the doctor. Please Hashem, send Avigail the complete Refuah Shlema she needs, so that she can go back to doing what she loves to do; help the Cholim and less fortunate ones in our community. Avigail was the first one on board to help out when we started the Super Storm Benny drive to help with the Hurricane Sandy victims. We must now storm the Heavens with the same force and not let up until, Ruchama Avigail Mayma Rochel bas Rivka Penina is completely healed.


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