Fighter of the Year

It’s a few hours before we have to go in to the hospital, and I am having trouble falling asleep. Check in is 5:45 am.  Tomorrow, IY”H Benny’s tassel will be turned. He is finally BE”H getting his central line, called a Hickman, removed from his chest area. Although, this line was frustrating at times, trying to keep it dry in the bath, pool or just running thru the sprinklers, it did save Benny from a lot of needle poking B”H.  It also saved me from fainting spells that would have happened if Benny got pricked and poked.  After all this time, I still have a needle phobia. I have gotten better with blood though!

In honor of Benny’s freedom on Wednesday, IY”H, his brother Joey, will be giving out free cotton candy in the afternoon. I also wanted to buy 488 balloons representing the amount of days we were in this journey and have Benny release them. This will act as his farewell to this disease forever IY”H.  There is  a shortage of helium in California, so I am not sure if I can pull it off!

Today, Benny spent his afternoon with some firefighters. I am not sure who was teaching who. He was fascinated learning how to put out fires (more so, riding the fire truck and spraying the fire hose) and they were intrigued how Benny extinguished his cancer B”H.  Over the course of our lives, we all have “fires” we are faced with in some form or another. The key is, are we prepared with the right tools to extinguish them or at least contain them.

This Chodesh Elul is a powerful time to find those tools, clean and sharpen them, so that we can and will be prepared for the months that follow.



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