No more Lines & I am not referring to the ones at Disneyland

B”H Benny is sleeping, hopefully through the night. It’s been a long day beginning with a  5:30 wake up call and shortly after a drive over to CHLA. Benny slept thru most of the admitting process, almost to the point of when they took him into surgery B”H. The last words we said as he went under sedation was the Tefilla of Shema Yisroel. That Tefilla has an entirely new meaning to me and will never be said the same way as before.

The procedure to have his line removed and bone marrow test was about an hour. The recovery took about another hour. When Benny woke from anesthesia,  he began to feel his chest and then looked down. His face looked puzzled and then he looked up and said “boo boo all better!” The second thing Benny said was, “where is my kipa?”

This was the most amazing Rosh Chodesh Elul of my life. Hashem answered our prayers and granted Benny his Refuah Shlema .  We felt the Shechina of Hashem there will us on the surgical floor and hope to keep that feeling for 120 years.

Benny left the hospital singing some tune he composed himself.  The remainder of the day, was challenging as he was cranky, too be expected. IY”H tomorrow will be better.

There is more detail about today’s events that I hope to have time to share tomorrow, but now, I have to sleep when Benny sleeps.

Good Night. Sleep well! Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echod.



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