One did not have to personally know Avigail Maima Rochel bas Harav Chaim Aharon , Mrs Avigail Rechnitz, to feel the incredible loss we are all experiencing. But those of us who did have a connection, the pain is immeasurable.

A devoted wife, mother, daughter (in law), sister (in law), aunt, niece, friend, the woman behind the Ladies Bikur Cholim of Los Angeles and beyond, to name just a few. Avigail Maima Rochel bas Chaim Aharon, the caretaker of all those that didn’t have a soul to look after them. Making sure the less fortunate had food on their table, let alone a table to put the food on and a roof above the table. Avigail Maima Rochel, was a secret treasure in our midst. Those of us who were recipients of her Chesed, including myself and family, got a glimpse of some of that treasure, but there are too many jewels to count.

Taking my children for shoes today, a task that most of us don’t enjoy all that much, all I could think of is Avigail Maima Rochel’s children. They won’t have the privilege of going shopping for shoes or Yom Tov clothing with their mother. As a human being who doesn’t understand Hashem’s plan, I want to say it is not fair (while knowing we cannot question). As a person who constantly is reminded to work on my Emunah, Belief, today I am frightened.
Avigail, was a woman we all admired. A woman we all aspired to be like. Why? Because she lived each minute of her life reaching her full potential. She used her G-D given talents, not to her personal benefit, but to benefit others.
While Avigail was in the midst of her own personal battle, she didn’t stop taking on other people’s challenges even for a moment. She knew what every Choleh needed and fulfilled those needs down to the finest details. When Benny was in the midst of his battle, she knew that he loved Shabbos and showed up at the hospital with a toy Shabbos set. One that he plays with almost daily. This was done when I am sure it was difficult for her to do at that point, but it didn’t stop her none the less.
Her Levaya is in a couple of hours.. There will be plenty more to add
All I have been singing all day with Benny is a song that got us thru to this point. Ani MaAmin Be Emunah Shlema BVias Hamoshaich.
We need Moshiach . We need him now!

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