Shana Tova

Yesterday, I received a beautiful email from a dear cousin, Moshe. It was about reflection over this past year and hope for only good this coming year. Moshe also mentioned that last year he put  a picture of Benny in his Machzor of Rosh Hashana in order to help him with his Kavana in his davening.  He thought about removing it this year, but then decided to keep it in as a reminder of Emunah and the power of what Tefillah can accomplish. To all those that wrote in that they were inspired this past year and a half, it is only because you allowed yourself. Benny was given the opportunity to be a messenger, but it was YOU that noticed the opportunity and allowed yourself to inspired by a 1 1/2 year old. The change that took place over the past 16 plus months should only continue and give us all the strength to move forward in the right direction.


Sunday night, I wrote about how grateful we are to each and every Team Benny member. Today, I will write about how grateful I am to the Ribono Shel Olam for the MVP, BENNY , Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah. Binyomin Chaim has taught me first hand what my purpose in life is. He taught me how to be a better person. How to have patience, how to be M’sameach (happy) in the most challenging times, and most of all, how to Believe! He taught me how to have a relationship with Hashem on a level I never knew existed.

The last day of the english calendar year, the news usually features a story of hero’s and famous individuals who passed away that year. As our year comes to a close, I would also like to reflect back and think of those individuals who have touched my life and unfortunately, are no longer in this world.  Mrs.Erica Klein O”H, Bracha Talazan, Mrs. Avigail Rechnitz O”H, and Mrs. Pessy Ben David.

A number of them I did not know, however, I was touched by their life and legacy. Aaron Tepfer A”H (Cedarhurst) (10 year old boy), Shoshie Stern A”H (Boca Raton)(12 year old girl).

This coming Rosh Hashana, I will daven for the families that are left to pick up the pieces after their loved ones have departed. I will Daven for the soldiers in Eretz Yisroel who put their lives on the line every day. I will daven for their parent’s to have Menuchas Hanefesh as well.  I will Daven for those individuals battling with cancer,  life threatening diseases and other ailments. I will Daven for those struggling to find their soul mate. I will Daven for those struggling to put food on their table.I will Daven for those students struggling to make it thru school. The list is lengthy, and unfortunately there is no shortage, but know that we are one nation and no one has to go thru these challenges alone.

On behalf of myself, Ari, Yocheved, Rifka Basya, Yosef Tzvi, Yehoshua Elyokim, Shmuel Tuvia and Binyomin Chaim, we would like to wish you all a year filled with only good health, Mazal, Bracha, Parnassa, and Simcha.  May we celebrate this coming year greeting the Moshiach in Yerushaliyim.


(amazing apple cupcakes baked by Avigail Rosenblat)

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