Benny is Shabbos Abba

( In case you have already read the post, I just was able to add video of Benny saying Kiddush in playgroup and pretending to be a pitcher at the beach).


Video of Shabbos Abba: shabbosabba

Pitching in the minor leagues: MVP


The baseball season may be over, but Benny continues to pitch his ball everyday.   He throws just about anything he can, including candy. Maybe he is practicing throwing candy for Joey’s Bar Mitzvah which is coming up very soon IY”H.

He also asks, “do you like the Yankees?”

Today was a very meaningful day.

I had the privilege of baking Challah for Bikur Cholim this Shabbos and participate in being a part of 40 women making the Bracha of Hafrashas Challah as a zechus (merit) for those in need of a Refuah Shlema.  While most people who participate in this tremendous Mitzvah have not been on the recipient e

nd of this Chesed B”H, we have.  It was a wonderful feeling being on the other end, the giving end. But, I have to say receiving the fresh Challah in the hospital or just getting home on an erev Shabbos was also amazing. Knowing that someone special took the time out of her very busy day to think of other’s in time of need. Knowing first hand that there are good people out there and good deeds being performed.

The second part of the morning we were treated to participating in seeing Benny as the Shabbos Abba (Daddy) in playgroup. He pretended to go to Shul, sing Shalom Alechem, make Kiddush and say Hamotzei and then of course eat Shabbos party.

Many emotions were stirred up as Ari and I witnessed Benny sitting with his friends in playgroup B”H, as every two year old should be.

There is no coincidence that this was the week to bake and Benny chosen as the Abba.   Benny lives for Shabbos just as he did in the hospital; he would ask, “when is Shabbos” (as early as Sunday).   Maybe he feels the power of Shabbos and knows that if we all just keep one Shabbos the final Redemption will come.

I read over a beautiful p’shat this morning said over by Rabbi Avtzon:

This week is Shabbos Mevorchim  Kislev– we bless the new moon.

Kislev, is the 9th month out of the year. The month of Kislev is connected to the tribe of Binyomin, who brought his sacrifice in the 9th month. Binyomin was the only tribe born in Eretz Yisroel. He merited that the Bais Hamikdosh be built in his portion of Eretz Yisroel.  The month of Kislev intstills in us the Emunah of the rebuilding of the Bais HaMikdash Hashlishi.   This is also the month that we IY”H celebrate Binyomin Chaim turning three.  The month is which Benny will receive his hair cut (maybe!), put on Tzitzus and officially become a “big boy”.  IY”H may he be Zoche (worthy) to fulfill his purpose and serve as a Kohen in the Bais Hamikdosh and bless our nation this coming month.


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