Birthday Week

Sunday Nov. 10

Happy Birthday Benny (Hebrew Bday).
Benny is now old enough to wear Tzizus and fully “trained.” He’s has been waiting for this day for so long. B”H he has reached this milestone and IY”H will continue to reach many many more to come.
Benny’s Zaida brought cupcakes to school in honor of Benny’s Hebrew birthday. Unfortunately, we were away!  B”H for grandparents and Morah’s who know how to make Benny feel special.

bday in school

Today, brought our 3 month vacation from the hospital to an end. IY”H it should just be a  few days of in and out and we will be able to enjoy another 3 months off.  Today, Benny received an injection with certain mediations preparing him for tomorrow’s scan. Benny was  entertained by some wonderful singers whose job it is to cheer up the kids.

Video: happy bday benny

Please take a moment from your day to Daven that Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah, that his scans come out clean. The following Monday will be the last scan and then we wait a few days for results.

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