Post scans

B”H Benny is sleeping comfortably in his own bed.
Thank you all for Davening on his and Eli’s behalf today. IY”H we hope to report good news soon (Dr appt next Thursday).
Benny was an amazing sport this morning. Because he needed anesthesia he was not allowed to eat or drink anything this morning. He insisted on holding a bag of Cheerios during the one hour he went to school. We told him he couldn’t eat them before the doctor said so, and so he remained patient.
I had picked up doughnuts for the nurses and staff of CHLA and doughnut holes doe Benny for after the scan. Benny insisted on holding the doughnuts while Waiting to see the doctor.
Unfortunately his patience ran out after the doctor examined him and did not give him permission to eat his doughnut . Benny threw and fit and that was before he got poked with an IV :(!
Finally after two more hours Benny awoke from sedation and the first thing he said whole half asleep was “doughnut.” The nurse said he had to drink first, so he did. Then as she was telling us to wait before he eats solids he grabbed the doughnut and snarf fed it down. Then another and another. He ate a total if 7 doughnut holes (hole as a master of fact) and 3 more in the car ride home. I would have shared the video but my phone died. We all had a good laugh and he definitely made a lasting impression with the nurses.
When asked why Benny was wearing a crown we told them he was celebrating his birthday all week. IY”H November 14 is his English birthday.
The nurse that took the images of Benny today was incredibly warm as she always is. However, today, she went out of her way and after the scans, she went to the hospital gift shop and bought Benny and whole bag of birthday presents.
Thank you Deb. we love you . You are the best ever!
Once we got home, Benny got a second wind and played baseball the rest of the day. After he caught the ball I said “yay” and he said ” Yankees don’t like you to say yay!” He also told me “have patience” when I threw the ball before he was ready to catch.
It’s after midnight “happy birthday Benny!!!” Yay!


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