Birthday Week!

bennys bdayB”H Benny celebrated turning 3 years old all week long. Beginning with his Hebrew birthday early in the week and ending with his English.

In honor of Benny’s hebrew birthday, Zaida brought cupcakes to school. Unfortunately, we were out of town and missed the birthday celebration.  Morah was so thoughtful and sent us pictures. Morah also went out of her way to give Benny a second birthday party on Thursday, so I could be there in person. All of Benny’s friends sang Happy Birthday, ate doughnuts, and gave Tzedeka in honor of Benny’s birthday. Thank you Morah Rochel and Morah Mushka for giving Benny the “birthday special” twice in one week!

Birthday Video: bdaydance

Benny also celebrated his birthday with the doctors and nurses in the hospital.  Thank you Debbie (the technician who performed the MIBG scan), for the special birthday gifts you bought Benny. He has been enjoying his new lunch box in school since. However, the greatest birthday gift of all, IY”H, is a clean bill of health.

Later in the day, Benny received some surprise visitors (neighbors from across the street) adorned with cupcakes and balloons. What a treat. He also enjoyed his small pizza & ice cream party with his cousins, William, Jared, Julia and mommies.

Benny hit a huge milestone and put on Tzizus this week. Although, his upshern (hair cut) is in a few weeks, Benny does not like to miss out on a Mitzvah and insists on wearing his Tzizus and Kipa at all times. He walks around feeling proud and like a “Big Boy.”

It has been a year since Benny was just two and celebrating his birthday in the hospital.  I will never forget the love and support he received while celebrating his 2nd birthday in isolation during transplant.There were many of you who took the time out of your hectic schedules, to wave to Benny, and sing Happy Birthday to him looking up from the  bday3playground, as he looked down, out the hospital window. The releasing of dozens of balloons really put a smile on his face too!

As I reflect back this past year and see how much a two year old has accomplished, I am deeply inspired and humbled. I pray that Hashem continues to bless our Binyomin Chaim with good health, Arichos Yamim (long life) and the ability to bring Simcha (joy) to the world and beyond.

This coming Monday Benny continues with scans, a CT. Hopefully we will IY”H hear good news and not have to visit the hospital again for at least 3 months.

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