Scans are over B”H


IY”H we won’t be seeing this machine again for at least 3 months. IY”H with the coming of Moshiach we will never have to see it again!

Thank you all for Davening extra hard, giving Tzedekah, and doing Mitzvos as a Zechus for Benny today.  May Hashem listen and give Binyomin Chaim continued good health.  We will receive the results from our doctor this Thursday IY”H. Being that Thursday is light years away when waiting for test results, we did our best to coerce the technicians into giving us some indication one way or another. They are not doctors, but they do operate these machines all day. (Off the record, they said we will see you in three months, which we took as a good sign IY”H).

Benny was an amazing patient today. He is a favorite by all the nurses KI”H. After checking in for the test, Benny was given a liquid contrast to drink (about 16-20 oz over 1 1/2 hours). During that time, we went to visit our former doctor (who is currently in the research department this year,) and then to the 4th Floor to see the nurses that used to treat Benny. Benny brought them doughnuts too. They were so happy to see him and went crazy over his hair (a hot commodity in that unit).  We also had the privilege of meeting up with Corola, the most special Child Life Specialists. She accompanied us back to where Benny would be having his scans and stayed in the room while he got his IV and scans.

Unfortunately, he had to have an IV again, have his blood drawn, and receive a contrast for the CT scan. He was so brave, unlike his Mommy who couldn’t go into the room when the IV was inserted. I was called a “chicken” and responded with, “I agree, I am.” I also let the nurses know,  if I did go in the room, they would end up with two patients. (Chas Veshalom).   B”H Ari and Corola and most of all Benny, did a great job.

Benny did not cry a bit and was schmoozing the entire time. We are all so grateful that today’s test went as smooth as possible.

The morning began with a trip to the Apple store. I needed to get the volume of my phone fixed. I did not have an appointment, but after being one of the first in the store, I was able to get an appointment 20 minutes later. So there I was, sitting on a stool by the “Genius Bar,” waiting to be seen by a technician. Fortunately, the wait was not very long before I received the diagnosis. It seems that my phone has come in contact with liquid and is not repairable. Luckily, I am eligible for an upgrade and can receive a new phone.

As I was going thru this morning’s experience, all I could think of is how this correlates to  what will take place this afternoon. The check in… the waiting…the test…the results. Then I thought to myself, if real life could be this easy. Imagine if after the doctor examines his patient, he says, “it’s not repairable, it has to be replaced and poof, he goes to the storage in the back and appears with a new body part.”   We all know this does exist on some level, but the difference between an inanimate object and real one is the power of prayer. When I was in the Apple store, I didn’t send out an email to please Daven for my phone.  Having both of these experiences in the same day, helps put life into perspective. Where should I focus my energy? I give you all a Bracha that your Tefillah (prayers) continue to be strong and meaningful.  Your prayers should keep you out of hospitals and that the only diagnosis you should ever need is on your phone.

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