Upshern Here We Come!

B”H it was a great day!  This afternoon we got Benny’s test results on this past week’s tests.  B”H he got a clean bill of health and given the green light to go ahead and enjoy living each and every moment (at least until the next scans in 3 months).

On the way to the hospital, Benny asked several times for a shot. He would point to his hand and say he had a boo boo and then asked for a shot. Sure enough, he did end up getting a flu shot before he left the hospital. He didn’t cry for more than 5 seconds (so I was told). B”H Joey came with us to the doctor appointment and stayed with Benny in the room, while I waited in the hallway. It’s incredible that after this amount of time you would I would get used to needles, but I haven’t. B”H Benny does has not inherited my phobia and is a real “champ.”

I have been waiting for this day for many reasons. We are B”H in the midst of planning two special Simchos in our family. We are making our first Bar Mitzvah for our son Yosef Tzvi and we are also making Benny’s Upshern (1st hair cut) the same weekend. Todays confirmation, put a whole new energy level into the planning; we eliminated “worrying!” I can now plan a cancer free Simcha, Baruch Hashem!!!  Hashem is giving us the opportunity to cut Benny’s hair this time around. It’s HUGE!!!

Arriving home around 6 pm from the hospital, I went straight to work in the kitchen. I had quiet a few helpers, which did require a great deal of patience, but B”H I managed.

Check out Chef Benny in the kitchen: Click on Video ChefBenny
chefbennyDr. Tran
dr tran


Dr. Joey

Dr. Joey



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