Simchas Chanukah

It has been a long while. B”H we have been extremely busy planning Joey’s Bar Mitzvah and Benny’s upshern iY”H.
We look forward to greeting all of you who plan on attending.
Benny is quite excited for his upshern and his “Bar Mitzvah”. I took him to Target a few days ago to pick out a Chanukah present in the toy isle. He then told me he doesn’t want a toy, he wants shirts and pants and a Yankee jersey with pants. It was quite a scene when they didn’t sell the Yankees in LA!
This morning he sure made my day. He said “mommy your pretty. Not your ‘likstip’ but your face”. Then as I dropped him off at school he said, “you didn’t say I was handsome!”
Benny lit his “Norah” every night with a Bracha. He is so proud and loves being able to perform Mitzvos.
Wishing you all a wonderful Chanukah and may we all be blessed with miracles in our life.
Pictures are of Benny playing Dreidel and enjoying a day at Legoland during Chanukah vacation .




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