IY”H We Pray for a Clean Bill of Health

It’s that time again 🙁 . Benny’s (3 month) scans begin tomorrow and Wednesday, with IY”H “good results” on Thursday. Being that it is the month of Adar, a time of Simcha (happiness), that will be our attitude this week. At least I will try my best. (Celebrating in a couple of weddings IY”H helps too!) Although, we have been down this road before, it does not get any easier seeing Benny with an IV line and being put under sedation.  It is not natural or the norm for a three year old child to be in this predicament and therefore, I can never or want to get comfortable with this scene.

Earlier this evening, I attending a community wide gathering of words of inspiration as a tribute to our missed and beloved dear friend, Mrs. Avigail Rechnitz O”H. As I am writing this post, and about my feelings of being uncomfortable seeing Benny undergo these tests, I some how see a connection with tonight’s lecture. Tonight, the lecturer Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner, discussed our level of comfort and the ability to make a change. Just as I never want to be comfortable with seeing Benny undergo these scans, because it is not natural, the same should apply with other aspects of my life.

We are all given Mitzvos and Commandments to abide by; following them should be the natural way of life, the comfortable way of life. Straying from these laws should make us uncomfortable. However, we live in world today with too many distractions to name and sometimes recognize, which lead us to believe that breaking the laws (not performing the Mitzvos the way we are supposed too) is really the “norm.” We make allowances because we want to fit in and because we don’t want to see the “not norms” as “not norms.”  Walking the corridors of Children’s Hospital and seeing children with all sorts of special needs is not the “norm.” It is not a “norm” that any parent wishes for.  The same holds true from our Heavenly Father Above. When Hashem see’s His children stray from the Torah (the norm), perhaps we are viewed as that child wearing a cast or Chas Veshalom worse.

The next time we are faced with temptation, if we equate the temptation with a “cast” (not the norm), just maybe, we can overcome the temptation and stay on the true path of Hashem. Let us not get fooled by the “counterfeit ” as real.

We thank you for having our Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah in your daily Tefillos and IY”H may we be Zoche to share in good news in a few days.

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