One down

B”H we are finally home. It wasn’t an easy day for Benny to say the least. I sent him to school in the morning for a couple of hours to distract him before we had to go to the hospital. Already, in school he was asking to eat and was not happy when he was told that he couldn’t. Those were the instructions given to us by radiology. As time neared 4 pm in the hospital, he was very hungry as you can imagine.  One of the technicians that we have become friendly with over the past couple of years allowed Benny to eat a few bites of his bagel before the CT to calm him down.

Check in for his tests was 12:30.  Between 1-2:30 we met with the nurse practitioner  to discuss Benny’s current health ( evaluating him to see if he can undergo anesthesia tomorrow IY”H). Benny is at the tail end of a cold, but, is B”H able to go thru the remainder of his tests tomorrow. (It feels strange being “grateful” for clearance to have these tests that we rather not have to do). Benny also needed an IV put in his hand to receive an injection 24 hours prior to his test tomorrow and to receive contrast for the CT today (at least it is one poke for today, and spared him from getting one on Thursday). The difficult part of the day was keeping Benny from pulling out the IV (while kicking, screaming and crying) and getting him to drink 2 8 0z cups of soda mixed with contrast for the CT scan today. We were able to distract Benny for a few minutes at the gift shop while he picked out a balloon and racing car that made noise and flashed lights.  We managed to have him drink 10/16 oz of contrast and B”H that did the job.

Around 4 pm (1/2 after our appointment time) we were called in for the CT. At that point Benny was totally exhausted and did not want to lie down for the scan. It took three people to hold him down. We turned on his favorite song, “Yesh Tikvah by Benny Freidman and within two minutes he was out cold. B”H the scan was completed in a few minutes and we were on our way home.  We should here the results we are all Davening for this Thursday IY”H.

Thank you for all your continuos Tefillos and emails to let us know your with us every step of the way. Two emails stood out today. One was received from a friend who also knew of another couple on the other end of the country who was in the hospital today, praying for their son, as he underwent his “35th” surgery. I can’t begin to imagine! We were asked if we could Daven for their son and of course we did and would like to ask of you the same, Refuah Shlema Chaim Ben Nechama.

Refuah Shlema to baby, Menachem Moshe ben Chana Gitel who is still in the hospital after three weeks (as a result of a strep infection).

The second email I received is from a former classmate and dear friend who’s daughter is getting married IY”H tomorrow. She wrote us to tell us how she is Davening for Binyomin Chaim every day and especially her wedding day. WOW! It was just about one year ago that I received a call from this friend’s other daughter on her wedding day, telling me that she has Benny in her prayers. That phone call meant the world to me. I will never forget it!  May she and her Chosen be blessed with a long and healthy life filled with true Simcha.

May we all be Zoche to walk down our children’s wedding aisle in good health and be Zoche to the Nachas (happiness) that follows IY”H.

This video took place in the hospital waiting room today. If you listen closely you will hear a group of singers that come sing to patients as they wait for their various tests.  The song  was “Don’t worry be Happy.” Perhaps they know, it is the month of Adar. Video: Dont Worry be Happy





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