B”H The Best News Ever

Other than testing positive for a stuffy nose, Benny’s scans look sparkly clean Chasdei Hashem (with G-D’s Kindness). Where as in the past if Benny had a cold when we were in the hospital, he would be put in isolation, today we walked out of the hospital, free as a bird. B”H Benny is free to fly far away from the hospital for 3 months before he undergoes testing again. The Dr. shared with us the preliminary test scheduling over the course of the next 4 1/2 years, G-D Willing all should be well.  The first year, testing is scheduled every 3 months (so that would make 2 more this year), the second and third year, every four months and the 4th year would be every 6 months. IY”H when we reach the 5 year mark, we will have yearly check ups (IY”H no more scans ever again).

On the way out of the hospital we stopped off at the gift shop for to pick out a treat. He chose Pringles and “Dr.” Pepper. Ari commented how it was an appropriate drink to have in a hospital.  After the treat, while heading to the Valet, we bumped into our favorite security guard, Zoila. She has come to know all of our family and prays for Benny. After I hugged her, I noticed a most unusual pin on her uniform. ( By now you all know me, I took a picture of it). If you look close you will see a pin with the American and Israeli Flag intertwined.  It felt good to meet people out there that actually love us!



Last night, we were B”H distracted ( from thinking about the test results), by attending a close friend’s wedding. It was wonderful to share in a night of true Simcha and Kedusha. As I waited for the ceremony to begin, and stared at the breath taking Chupah, I couldn’t help but imagine (and beg Hashem), that IY”H  Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah will also be blessed in standing under his Chupah .  One of the guests had asked me how old was my oldest. When I said, 16, she said “you have time.”  I responded, I am not in a hurry, but I somehow would like to fast forward to the day that IY”H all my children make it to their Chupah, but at the same time, I don’t want them growing up so fast.  I wish for all the singles to find their soulmate, and for them to be blessed with inner peace and happiness.


Today, as we drove to the hospital, Benny played this song over and over again. Like the song, “Yesh Tikvah”, this song really soothes Benny. This song was composed by Mr. Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz and sang by Benny’s father, Ari.

B’Shem Hashem

Thank you all for your Tefillos and good wishes, each and every one of you and your special children.

Good Shabbos



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