Time Flies B”H

Time flies, when life is B”H somewhat back to normal. Tomorrow, and Thursday, IY”H Benny is due for his three month scans. We are not looking forward to it, especially because as Benny gets older B”H, he is more aware and afraid of the BIG machines. I hope B’ Ezras Hashem he won’t be scared or hurt by the pokes of needles.

There have been countless times I have wanted to update the blog, but fatique took over and there went my post. I basically, have been virtually writing my thoughts, but unfortunately, it hasn’t made it to paper or digitally.

There have been quite a few difficult ongoing situations that continue to cause us great pain. Our dear friends’ children, Elimelech Ben Basya and Chaya Mushka Bas Hadassah Shayna have both relapsed from this dreaded illness. Elimelech was just weeks away from having his line removed and beginning to live his dreams for the future, and then unfortunately, scans told a different story.  Chaya Mushka, just last week, after being clean  since last August, just found out that she will have to undergo the painful process of chemotherapy all over again. Her hopes and dreams of going away to sleep away camp for the first time, this summer, were shattered. The thought of her not being able to go swimming as we approach summer; all the restrictions that suddenly take over in a moments notice. Golda Bas Miriam is a new name on the list. She is a little two year old, the granddaughter of the Rav of our shul. She too, will now be spending the next month in the hospital for treatment. She has a 1 month old baby sister at home. What is a mother to do? How does she choose which baby needs her more?!

As I walked 4 miles to the hospital, with my daughter, to visit Chaya on Shabbos, I said to my daughter, “we can dedicate each step as a Zechus for her Refuah and all the Cholim in need of a Refuah Shlema.” It actually got me thinking and has begun to change my mindset.  From now on, as often as I can remember to do, I will talk to Hashem and dedicate different acts of Chessed (good deed) that I have the privilege of doing as a Zechus (merit) for someone else, as well as myself.  I believe it is truly an honor to be given the opportunity to do Chessed. Today, I offered to cook a meal for someone (at least my kids were guaranteed to dinner that way). B”H there was more than enough and in fact, I had extra. A few hours later I got a request from someone else in the hospital who didn’t have dinner. I had just the right amount of food for this family B”H and it didn’t even require extra effort.  Mitzvah Goreres Mitzvah. Hashem had given me an extra opportunity as a reward.

As we embark on journey to the hospital tomorrow IY”H, I hope to be able to bring with us all the Zechusim and Tefillos that were said and continue to be said, for continued good health for our Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sara.  We are forever grateful to all of you who play a pivotal part in Binyomin Chaim’s continued Refuah.  As much as we have Emunah and Bitachon that everything will be ok IY”H, we are human and therefore it is natural to be somewhat nervous (especially, with all that has been surrounding us the past little while).

Please pray for our children and dedicate your chessed to your good health and theirs.

Elimelech Ben Basya (8), Chaya Mushka bas Hadassah Shayna (10), Golda bas Miriam (2),   Chana Tova Bas Esther Shoshana (2), Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah (3).

IY”H may we hear B’suros Tovos (good news) soon by all IY”H.

Photo’s of Benny today!


Photography: Yehudis Schoen Photography


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