B”H Good News!!!

It feels like we just went thru 48 hours of Yom Kippur and Akeidas Yitzchak.  Chasdei Hashem (with Hashem’s Kindness) , Benny was given a clean bill of health just moments ago.   We are eternally grateful and IY”H look forward to hearing this wonderful piece of news with all the Cholim in need of a Refuah Shlema. For most people Yom Kippur comes around once a year, unfortunately, Benny has to go thru this every 3 months for the first year, then every 4 months for another year or two and then 6 months up until 5 years.

As I picked up Benny from play group this morning (after about an hour being there), I thought to myself for a quick moment, “will Benny be Zoche to finish up this school year with his friends and Morah’s? WIll he still be able to go swimming this summer or take a normal bath? Will I have to sleep on a hospital bed with him and leave my family?” There are many thoughts that creep into ones mind during these challenging times.  B”H today we are given three month reprieve of all tests and can go on living like a healthy 3 year old boy should.

Below is a picture of Benny. It is not a pleasant picture to see. The reason I am posting it, is to bring awareness to other’s who B”H will never see this. When Tehilllim is being said for a Choleh, it is best to picture what they are going thru, the Tefillos gain strength and more meaning. The Choleh, nor their loved ones should never have to endure this emotional and physical pain. Benny cried for an hour an half straight before finally falling asleep. He wanted out!!! Anesthesia is available for this test, but then there is the discomfort of fasting and most importantly the risks that are involved with anesthesia.  The technician was worried she wouldn’t be able to complete the test if he didn’t keep his head still. B”H Benny fell asleep the last 15 minutes and the test was completed in full.  Hopefully, Benny won’t have nightmares from today and will sleep peacefully tonight and years to come IY”H.

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