Baruch Hashem – All is well!!!

Dear Family and Friends –

Thank you once again for your תפילות on Benny’s behalf. Benny spent the day going through the battery of tests to see if there is any evidence of the dreaded disease within his system. After 3+ hours under general anesthesia for his scans and EKG, we waited anxiously for the doctors to give us the news. As we were walking into the room, we spotted the doctor in an office across the hall. She looked up from her meeting with her team and says “there’s only good news to report today”! Chasdei Hashem all of Benny’s scans and tests showed up clean and his body continues to recover from its ordeal more than a year after treatments ended.

We wish each of our special friends, especially Elimelech ben Basya (a.k.a. King Eli), Chaya Mushka bas Hadassah Shayna and Golda bas Miriam, similar reports in the very near future. Please continue to keep Benny (Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah) and all of his special friends in your prayers daily.

With great love and gratitude…

Ari & Faigie, Yocheved, RB, Joey, Shua, Shmuel and, most especially, a very happy, very tired, very very brave, not so little 4 year old named Benny

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