Today, IY”H Benny will begin his (4 month) scheduled scans over the course of three days.  B”H this will be done as outpatient, (meaning he can go home when he’s done). However, sedation will be required as these tests require him to lie still for three hours straight.

It never seems to get easier, which I guess as difficult as it is, it is good.  It’s not something we Chas Veshalom ever want to get used too. We have been discussing it with Benny and he Thank G-D has a great attitude.  His brother Joey, will be coming along to be Benny’s cheering squad as well as brave brother who will hold Benny in his lap as he gets an IV line inserted.  That is one thing I haven’t gotten used too and I don’t want to risk the being the cause of a scene if I were to faint.

The last two Sunday’s since Pesach Benny has been dressing in his Shabbos suit, cuffing shirt, tie and lace of Shabbos shoes.  If he decides he wants to play ball, he will change in his Yankee or Laker’s uniform, deciding on the sport his chooses to play.  Immediately, after his game he changes back into his Shabbos attire. When we ask him why he is dressed up, he says, “I am getting ready for Moshiach.” Then, before he goes to sleep for the night, he neatly lays his suit at the edge of his bed to have it ready.

I really hope he knows something I don’t!  But just like in LA we are told to keep a stash of food prepared in case of an earthquake Chas Veshalom…, do we prepare for Moshiach?!!! I can tell you, Benny is as well as his dear friends and families that are going thru this horrible illness.

This month of Iyar represents the month of healing. It is the month we were blessed with the “Manna” in the Midbar. It This Manna had all the healing powers needed to cure the B’nai Yisroel and keep them healthy and strong.  I pray that our fellow brothers and sisters in need of a Refuah Shlema be granted their Geula and Refuah this month.

Please have the following young children in your Tefillos as they continue to fight this disease .

Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah

Elimelech Ben Basya

Chaya Mushka bas Hadassah Shayna

Gitel bas Shoshana Rochel

Golda bas Miriam


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