Yom Hazikaron

First set of scans (MRI) are done for today B”H and Benny is relaxing at home.  He’s pretty unhappy about having the IV in his hand until Thursday, but the choice was to have it left in or be pricked two more times.

This morning Benny chose his clothes, and dressed himself like he does most mornings.  However, this morning he came down “armed” and ready to go like a brave soldier to the hospital.

When I asked Benny if I can take his picture before his scan, he stood up on the bed and saluted. It wasn’t until  after I sent my sister a picture of “Benny the Brave,” that I was made aware, that today is Yom Hazikaron.  A day of Remembrance for our fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism. Today we remember 23,320 fallen O”H.

I have no idea how Benny knew, but then again, he seems to know a lot of things that we don’t.  We should know of no more pain and suffering and be redeemed in the coming of days IY”H.




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