Chasdei Hashem -Clean Scans Go Benny!!!

Benny has been a great trooper, or as he sometimes refers to himself as a ‘soldier or yeshiva guy’, these past few days.

Today, Benny decided he wanted to be dressed in his suit and tie for his scans (he actually thought he was only going in to have his IV line removed). He doesn’t like going in the scanning machine and was upset when he saw it. I told him he didn’t have too to prevent him from getting anxious, and held him in my arms while they put him to sleep.  Then, he was transferred to the table with the machine. He is still under as I write this post.

As were waiting for the doctors before the scans, I told Benny that today is Israel’s Independence Day and that we got back the Kosel etc.  He then asked if we got back the Bais Hamikdash. I told him, “not yet.”  He said, “Maybe if I put on my suit jacket, we will get the Bais Hamikdash. “I told him IY”H he will be zoche (worthy) to serve Hashem as a Kohen in the Bais Hamikdash very soon. To be continued…

(5 hours later)

We just got word from the doctor that scans are CLEAN, Baruch Hashem!!!. Thank you Hakodosh Baruchu for blessing our lives with this special Neshama each and everyday. A special Thank you to all of YOU,  who have been Davening for our Binyomin Chaim and doing Mitzvos in his Zechus.  We are deeply grateful. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses at CHLA who took such good care of him this week. Thank you Alyssa from Chai Life Line for visiting and saying Tehillim with me while Benny was under and providing food and toys.

Tomorrow, the 5th of Iyar, would have been my Zaida Ben’s O”H 102 birthday. After I told Benny that, he was so excited and asked, “he got built?! (meaning he’s alive again?) Zaida Ben was in the clothing business and sold men’s suits for over 50 years. I know that must be where Benny got his love of suits and ties from.

Below are some videos of the day before and after the scans:


Click on video of Jose’ fixing Benny’s tie: Valetfixingtie

Click on Video of Benny after anesthesia eating his first morsel of food for the day at 3:30: eating doughnuts


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