Chaya Mushka bas Hadassa Shaina O”H

At 4 am this morning in Los Angeles, the earth shook. Perhaps it knew what was to come a few hours later. Perhaps it was trying to wake us up, get us out of bed to do something to save the pure Neshama of Chaya Mushka from departing this world.

Last night, I received a tex from Chaya’s mother saying, we need Moshiach to come; at that point they knew it was any time now. And so, at 12:30 I got out of bed, went to my closet to prepare my clothes in anticipation that Moshiach will come and I will be ready. ( If my housekeeper can have a suitcase packed ready by her door in case of an earthquake, shouldn’t I at least have a suitcase ready for Moshiach!) Then just a few short hours later, my bed shook, what seemed like an eternity. The first thought came to mind was that Moshiach was arriving and then darkness penetrated my thoughts, that something happened to Chaya.

The morning passed slowly, walking around in a state of disbelief, not yet knowing, but knowing, what was ahead. Early afternoon a tex was sent out to come and say Tehillim at the Chabad Shul at 2:30. A hundred plus children and some women recited the Tehillim aloud and then sang Ani Ma’Amin together. It may have been around the same time that Chaya Mushkah’s Neshama was leaving this world.

A short while later we received another tex, Baruch Dayin Emes. It was the Heavens Above that were now shaking. At that point, there are no words, only tears and tremendous sadness. A sadness felt throughout our entire nation, as Chaya Mushka touched the lives of literally tens of 1,000’s.

Chaya Mushka was only a few months shy of reaching her Bas Mitzvah. She so looked forward to her Bas Mitzvah. We talked about her dress and the great big party she would have. But it was so much more than a party. She knew the meaning of what it meant to become Bas Mitzvah and was excited to take on that responsibility. She lived to do Mitzvos and make other’s happy.

Chaya Mushka lived a life in 11 years what most people don’t experience in a life time. She lived each day, each hour, each minute with Simcha. She was busy from morning till night getting in as much as the day/night had to offer. Regardless of the intense treatments, Chaya persevered and begged to go to school at times, or to a Simcha.  She wanted to be like the other kids, and even was happy learn and do homework (well maybe that part is not like other kids). She had tremendous Bitachon and Emunah , Middos clearly learned from her holy parents,  Reb Mendy and Hadassah Shpalter (for 120 years).

Chaya’s smile and laughter was contagious.  There was a glow that permeated from her and could be seen from afar. Everyone wanted to be Chaya’s friend, maybe because she also wanted to be yours. Although, I only met Chaya about three years ago, the impact she has made on my life and my families will carry over for generations.

It is not my place to say who Chaya Mushka O”H was, I am only giving over the impression/impact of what she has made in my life. I ask Mechilla to Chaya and her dear family if anything I wrote was not true or improper.

May you be a Melitz Yosher for your family, our community, our Cholim, and for all of Klal Yisroel. May Hashem grant you all of your requests or just one and bring the Moshiach Tzidkaeinu immediately. I love you and will miss you (in what already seems like eternity).

Please continue to Daven for our children in need of an immediate Refuah Shlema.

Elimelech ben Basya

Gitel bas Shoshana Rochel

Golda bas Miriam

Yaakov ben Inbal

my son, Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah for continued good health

Chaya Zisa Elka bas Bluma (about to begin an intense treatment in distant city away from her children) It should be successful in a very short time IY”H.

Daven for the Moshiach, and you too can prepare your handbag by the door in anticipation and real belief that Moshiach will come today.

Video Escorting the Meis – Even the LAPD helicopter came special to partake in this Mitzvah. Chaya Mushka lived and died Al Kiddush Hashem.


chayabennypurim Chai Life Line Purim Chagiga. Chaya face painting Bennychayaheart chayahelicopter

Chaya on a helicopter around Los Angeles a short time ago. She flew over her school and the girls waved while forming a heart.


Chaya loved loved loved to have a good time, and gave those that took her the best time ever!

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