Chasdei Hashem!

Dear Family and Friends –
We heard back from the doctor a few minutes ago that Benny’s first scan came back clean. While they still perform the confirmatory MRI scan on Tuesday, they consider this to be a “clean bill of health” for another 6 months.

Chasdei Hashem Ki Lo Somnu! We once again give thanks to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for every day he gives us with all of our little miracles. Thank you ALL for your concern and tefillos.

As another note of wonderful news: An hour or so ago, there was a knock on our door and a good friend was there to return a table cloth we lent her two long years ago. This is a special table cloth. It is used for shabbosim in the hospital. IY”H adorable Gittel bas Shoshana Rochel – who has been in your tefillos and ours for years, and her parents, should never have to spend another Shabbos or Yom Tov in a hospital ad me’ah v’esrim. Please keep Gittel bas Shoshana Rochel in your tefillos while she undergoes her at home maintenance treatments and daven that we should have the same news from Elimelech ben Basya and Golda bas Miriam among all other cholei Yisroel.

With love,
Ari, Faigie, “Benny the Brave”, Yocheved, RB, Joey, Shua and Shmuel

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