Amazing Zechusim

  • This page is used to capture the incredible things people have done as a Zechus for Benny’s Refuah. You cannot imagine the Koach that this page gives us every time we look at it so PLEASE keep telling us of the amazing things you are doing on his behalf!

July, 19

  • Dearest Faigie and Ari,

I just finished making Challah for Benny. Tzvi is co-sponsoring the yarchai callah in our shul for ben hazmaninm. We davened at the Rambam, the Shelah, and Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes kevarim when we went up north. We daven every day and think of you often throughout the day.  We are with you during this most challenging time.

I’m sure that keeping the team Benny site updated must be very difficult but you should know that although it is so hard to hear about the difficult days you face it helps focus us on our tefillos and I find that I certainly daven more intensely.  It is also uplifting to hear about the better days and the smiles Benny puts on people’s faces whereever he goes. You inspire us with your messages of emunah.
I recently heard a beautiful shiur on the power of tefilla to open the gates of merits of our ancestors. We know that Benny’s nameseke, Zaida Ben, along with Bubbee, gave with total devotion of their time and energy to help those who came to Seattle for cancer treatment. They stopped at nothing to make their and their family’s stay the most comfortable , offering encouragement and unconditional love, not to mention, food and lodgings, to every single Jew no matter what their backround or affiliation.When I daven for Benny I often beseech Hashem to remember the merits of Bubbee and Zaida and this shiur made me realize that tefilla is the key to protection that these merits can be’ezrat hashem provide.
We were thrilled to hear about the encouraging results of the latest scans and hope to keep hearing continued besuros tovos on Benny’s path to a complete Refuah Shelaima.
We love you,
Chavi and Tzvi and the rest of the Stern Gang

July, 18, 2012

  • Hi. I mentioned Benny’s name in the middle of the night at the kever of Yosef hatzadik in shchem in the middle of the night last night. May he be blessed to be like Efraim and Menashe

With love Chaya Mechal S

July 17, 2012
  • Dear Faigy

We are thinking of and davening for Benny constantly! There are so many people doing mitzvos and davening for him all over the world and around the clock! Hakodesh Baruch Hu will I”YH grant Benny a speedy refuah shelaymah because of all your tireless efforts and love and the thousands of people who love you!

You inspire us all to do our best ….even if it means trying to shlep (run)13.5 miles!

Please let me know whatever you need I am ALWAYS here for you!

Helena U.

June 6, 2012

  • Last night we celebrated Adina Hindi’s bat Mitzvah.  We had a
    wonderful party for her friends.  She and I learned together about
    Hilchos Tefilla and decided to prepare an art project for Benny’s
    Zechus.  I spoke about the significance of Asher Yatzar and asked the
    girls to say it with a lot of kavanna for Benny’s Zechus.  Attached
    are some photos.
    Lots of love



June 5, 2012

  • Ari,

Adina is in Poland for a week and has written down Benny’s name to daven for his refua and you and Feigi’s  chizuk. May the zchus of the Tzadikim and Kedoshim whos blood cries from that cursed land be a merit for Benny’s full and speedy recovery.

With admiration,


Elie and Adina –
We can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all the tefillos. As Rav Matisyahu Solomon (zol gezunt zein) said to us a few weeks ago, “This (cancer) is our generations holocaust”. May hashem take the kaporah from those kedoshim and apply it to today’s kedoshim.
Ari and Faigie



  • hi faigie and all your wonderful family,we here in ארץ ישראל all daven for binyomin chaim .we said תהילים and אשר יצר בכונה and all the boys לומדים תורה for banny’s רפואה שלמה .בעז”ה we wait to see you in א”י with healthy and happiness.i tthing of you all the day and daven that ה’ wil give you כח to be strong and happy.רפואה שלמה במהרה.love you.

Rivky Auerbach (Cohen), Israel

  • We were driving home from Pennsylvania yesterday and we spent the time learning the Ohr Hachiam together, at one point we took a break and Jonathan read an email from Ari to please daven- I was driving so Jonathan said tehillim. This was all prior to your heartfelt request today… our kavanos will be magnified in our continued learning today in the zchus of a complete refuah for Bimyamin Chaim!!!
     Jonathan & Rachael, Passaic NJ
    Today Hashem please bring refuah  to Binyamin Chaim “L’maleh m in hatevah”-

May 24, 2012


  • A gathering of women in LA came together tonight  to make a Bracha on separating the Challah for a Refuah Shlema for BInyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah and all the cholim that need a refuah!
  • Another gathering took place in New York.
Thank you to all you wonderful women out there who took the time and energy to partake in this special Mitzvah in Benny’s Zechus.  May you and all your families be Blessed with only good health and joy for eternity.  Faigie


  • Dear Brecher Family,


I would like to tell you about an amazing program tha we started in Zechus of Benny. We started the Coco club, a program every morning in school. Every girl that comes 15 minutes early to school and learns about tefilla gets  hot chocolate and coffee. We learn the book Praying with Fire. We also have signs hung around school with a picture of Benny and it says “say your Brachos out loud” All of the girls in Mesorah are davening for Binyomin Chaim ben Faige Sarah. But it extended even further than that. I was involved in running a kiruv program for non-frum middle school girls. At the event, your situation came up. When these girls heard about this, they decided that they too wanted to hang signs in their school for people to say brachos. These girls, who don’t even wear skirts, are now saying brachos in Zechus of your son!  We are alos going to sign up to help with the 613 mitzvos for Benny. May this be a zechus to see a refuah very soon!


Shayna Udman and mesorsah high school (Dallas, Texas)I davened for your son at the Kosel on Rosh Chodesh. I don’t have a long grey beard 🙂 but I’m sure it’s nice to hear all the way in LA that someone davened for your son.

May he have a refuah shelemah,
  • May 23, 2012
  • I was just by a very inspirational shiur given by Rav Ephraim Wachsman in Cedarhurst. It was an overflowed crowd of hundreds of people. An amazing shiur and divrei chizuk. What a zechus it  was that Rabbi Wachsman announced that it was dedicated in part for a zechus for Benyamin Chaim Ben Faiga Sara.
    May it be a zechus.
  • We keep thinking and davening.
    On Sunday they opened the rebbes private room for Nishei Chabad   I went and davened for Benny.  Hashem  will BEH help                   Sara Z.
  • In honor of rosh chodesh sivan this week’s  Rabbi Krohn’s hilchos Shabbos shiur (tomorrow 9:15@ 300 Dwasline) is  being sponsored as a zechus lerefuah shlema for binyomin chaim ben faygie sara, Benny Brecher.  After the shiur we will recite tehilim for his refuah.
    Pls continue to daven for Benny bsoch shaar cholei yisroel
                      Elisheva Clifton, NJ
  • Close to 200 women and young ladies attended a shiur given by Rav Reich, Woodlake NJ in a zechus for Benny’s refuah this past Shabbos.
  • We continue to daven for Benny.  I just wanted to share a sweet story with you.  Today, at Shalos Seudos time one of my girls under bas mitzvah didn’t want to wash for the seudah.  And then she changed her mind and said, “Actually I will wash, as a zchus for Benny Brecher.”  May all the mitzvos continue to accumulate on his behalf and may you see his refuah shleimah B’KAROV!!
     Thinking of you. Hadassah
  • Today we went to Yerushalayim – for Yom Yerushalayim and to daven at the kotel for Benny’s Refuah.  We parked quite a distance from the old city and took a foot route that we have taken before. Only this time I noticed that the stone path that we have to walk up to get to Shaar Tzion is called Maalot Benny.  Adidi, who is in the picture with the sign, said that every step we take in Eretz Yisrael is a mitzvah and that these steps that we take as we go up Maalot Benny should be a zechus for Benny’s refuah. Benny should continue to get the treatments he needs with each step bringing him closer and closer to a full Refuah.
  • Sponsoring rachelis class Siddurim when they receive them at their Siddur play and having an inscription/dedication put inside each Siddur in Benny’s Zechus for a Refuah Shlema. Gitti and Shimmie
  • My daughter, Adidi organized an Amen gathering for her friends in our
    backyard over Shabbos in the Zchus of a Refuah Sheleima for Benny.
    We are headed to the Kotel for Yom Yerushalayim in a little while. We
    will daven for Benny and give Tzedaka in his behalf as well.Thanks for your updates of chizuk on your web site.  You create a
    kiddush Hashem every step of the way. Love, Pircha
  • We have B”H instituted learning Shmiras Haloshen at the Shabbos table as a Zchuz for Benny. Also Ephraim Zalman completed Sefer Tehillim.
    Ephraim asked his Rebbe to daven for Benny and his Rebbe.  We will keep davening and serving Hashem through His Mitzvohs and Torah.
    Refuah Shlaima,
    The Abramoff’s
  • I just wanted to let you know,  Gali just had her bas mitzvah party this past Sunday and she had asked me to do a project at the party that would benefit children in the hospital and their families.
    I got in contact with an amazing organization called Bein Ish U’vein Achiv.  We B”H were able to buy toys/games for all the children of 7 large families each with a child who is currently a patient. The 12 year old girls wrapped each present so beautifully spending time to insure its enticing presentation.
    Gali  had asked to do all this in the z’chus of a complete and total refuah shlaimah for Benny.
    May we only share in each others simchas.
    Our tefillos and hearts are with you.
                                             S.D. Passaic, NJ
  • “We are dedicating our tznius learning group as a zechus for Binyomin Chaim’s Refuah”

R.H. Los Angeles

  •   Shmiros Haloshon Stickers :  Made by someone anonymous in Los Angeles. If you would like a sticker please send us a request.

  • “A student of mine brought in his tzedaka and wants to give it somewhere in Benny’s zechus.”

                                   1st Grade Teacher, Maimonides

  • “Just wanted to let you know that Benny’s boy cousins in Flatbush have him on there minds as well. Esti & Zevi dedicated their sons’ Aaron & Shua’s Wednesday night learning program as a zechus for a speedy Refuah Shelaima for Benny. We have him on our minds all of the time!”

The Brooklyn Team Benny

  • “Surely the zechuyos of your Zaidy, Ben Genauer, will protect his namesake. We continue to daven for Bennie every day and will keep him in our hearts as we try to generate more zechus for him!”

All our love, The Korobkins at the BAYT in Toronto

  • “After receiving an e mail and reading about your son, i decided i need to do my part too.I spoke to my colleague at Yeshivat Ohr Chanoch,and decided to dedicate the weekly women Tehilim group and shiur for Refua Shelema of Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah. Every Shabat  between 30 to 40 women gather ,finish the sefer Tehilim at least 5 times with a shiur to be followed afterwards.”

R’ Yaakov Lavian

  • “The tremendous bitachon and emunah you and Ari have is overwhelming. Bli neder I hope to daven mincha everyday in the zechus for a refuah shelaima for little Benny. Whenever have felt I needed Hashems extra tlc I would begin to daven mincha. A teacher of mine in high school once explained the great significance of this tefillah. It is smack in the middle of the day. One must stop his work day, or busy lifestyle and remember their is a G-d above we all report to. This teachers words always stuck out in my mind. We are talking over 20 years. Iyh Benny should have a complete refuah shelaima and help klal yisroel.”

With all my love, Shoshana

  • “We all Daven everyday for Benny’s speedy recovery. We are having the whole Tehilm  being said every week in the zchus of Benny and all the cholim. we want to hear only good news about Benny’s recovery.”


  • “we are so glad to join team benny all of passaic is davening for you”


  • “I am davening for Benny and giving his name for tehillim to all my friends.”


  • “It is an honor to pray for your little guy!  Praying for a miracle for you.”
  • “My heart breaks for you as I read and feel your agony when you post a new message.  God knows your pain too.  I pray for peace and comfort for all of you as you face what is unknown with such dignity and great courage!  So many people are praying for you.  May you feel that peace that passes all understanding.”

Lisa Foto

  • “I  am happy to join the team benny I have my whole school (which is about 800 girls) saying tehillim and davening for bennys refuah shelama.”

S.S. (Monsey)

  • “I’m in Meron now davening by Rabbi Shimon bar Yachai asking him to beg hashem to bring a quick and complete refuah for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.

May you continue just seeing and hearing good progress.”

All the best, Avrumie Gross

  • “benny- You are so adorable and we all love you so much. Our most heartfealt davening is being said in zechus of your full refua! With such an amazing supporting family and awesome big sis:), Hashem should grant your refua quickly. We love you! Refua shelama!!”

RB’s Friends

  • “Avi Genauer took me to Daven by kever Shimon Hatzadik in Yerushalayim this morning for Benny.”

Avrumi Gross

  • “I want you to know that Benny belongs to all of us! We love him and are davening that his Refuah will come quickly and joyfully. We are saying Tehilim every day, making Meshuberachs in shul. Extra kavana by asher yatzar  Having family going to Meron at the kever of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag B’Omer to daven for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sara for his complete Refuah!!!!! We believe that we will share together the yeshuah of his Refuah and see him grow up in good health L’Torah, Chuppah and Ma’asim Tovim Amen V’ken Yehi Ratzon!!!”


  • “My boys in yeshiva have been saying tehilim for Binyamim Chaim without knowing his last name. I recently told them who it was because I was afraid for them to find out from someone else.  Both Yitzchak and Chanoch started to tear saying that they feel like they were just at Baby Ben’s shalom zachor! Then they ran to get “the 1 month picture” of the babies just to see him…They were, as we were, totally emotional and committed to saying tehilim for him. Hashem should continue to give you all the strength you need to move forward… You are an inspiration.”


  • “IYh I’m going to bring in food onto my bus once a week so that everyone can say brachos out loud and say amen in the zechus of the Refuah shelaima for Benny.
  • You guys are amazing for making such an amazing program! You are such an inspiration.”


  • Hundreds of children in schools throughout the US, Canada and Eretz Yisroel are saying Asher Yatzar out loud for Benny’s refuah.
  • Elementary and high school girls finish tehillim three times on shabbos for Benny.
  • Elementary and high school girls hold a brachos party for Benny each shabbos.
  • Shiurim attended by 50+ women sponsored b’zchus Benny (5/8)
  • Bennys name was given to R’ YM Schechter today (I.B.)
  • In-person Bracha from R’ Aharon Schechter SHLITA (5/8)
  • In-person Bracha from the Pittsburger Rebbe SHLITA (5/7)
  • Bracha from R’ Chaim Kanievsky SHLITA (5/8)
  • Bracha from Rav Nissim Karelitz SHLITA (5/8)
  • Bracha from Rav Yisroel Yitzchok Kalmanovitz SHLITA (5/8)
  • Bracha from Rav Yankel Edelstein SHLITA (5/8)
  • Bracha from Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein SHLITA (5/8)
  • Bracha from Rav Leder SHLITA (5/8)
  • I have taken on not talking in shul for the merit of a complete recovery for Benny. I also daven by the kever of my zaydeh and my father every week. (E.G.)
  • …I have him in my tefillos everyday. I  started to try to daven shachris in the morning and I do it in zechus for his refuah sheleimah as well as reciting asher yatzor and tehillim… (I.T.)
  • In-person Bracha from Reb Matisyahu Solomon SHLITA
  • Close friends fly from NY to Eastern Europe to daven for Benny at Kivrei Tzaddikim.
  • My family and I will be saying tehillim for benny. (D.B.)
  • 80 women baked Challah in his zechus in Lakewood
  • Bochurim taking on shemiras eynayim for Benny
  • …I was very moved and want you to know we are thinking and davening for you and your family to be able to stay strong thru this tremendous nisayon and especially for Bennys complete Refuah Shlaima Bli Shum Mum Upgam Klal! (Y.R.)
  • Our house is ringing with Brachos and Amens which should be a zechus for Binyomin Chaim! (Y.U.)
  • …I find myself saying whatever tehillim I know by heart all through the day, while washing dishes, folding laundry, doing carpool, doing a sponga or any other activity that allows me a few moments to daven.  I try to concentrate on the rule of “Ein od Milvado”–there is NOTHING other than hashem and that not one tiny thing can happen in this world without Hashem’s command,, before I daven. I recently read number of stories of how certain gedolim were saved from seemingly hopeless situations during the holocaust and they expained how they concentrated soley on this passuk during times of extreme danger. My children are all davening too, and I just came back from PTAmeetings and saw  on the board that the children in the school are also davening for Binyomin Chaim. I have told my clients from different cities and from different communities across eretz yisroel to spread his name on all their tehillim lists… (C.S.)
  • …We pray, smile and cry with you… (E.R.)
  • …We are davening with the complete belief that your baby’s illness can truly be cured. You are on our minds & in and our hearts every day. (C&E.H.)
  • …I want you to know that you are in our thoughts daily – and our tefilos!  (E.L.)
  • We keep your little boy in our tefillos every day and daven for a full recovery iy’h! (C.D.)
  • I’m in Meron now davening by Rabbi Shimon bar Yachai asking him to beg hashem to bring a quick and complete refuah for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.
    May you continue just seeing and hearing good progress.
    All the best,
    Avrumie Gross
  • Was mispalel at Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes and now standing by the Shaloh Hakadosh and the Rambam  (Rabbi L)
  • We will be “singing” Kol Mekadesh tonight with Zaida and Benny in mind but
    don’t think we can rock it out like the cutie in the picture.  Good Shabbos,


Recent Posts

Happy 7th Birthday Benny

First graders enjoyed doughnuts in honor of Benny’s birthday

Benny had a full day of birthday giving. He started his day early by going to the bakery to pick up doughnuts for his classmates, Rebbi and teachers. After school we went back to the bakery to pick up more doughnuts for the patients and amazing nurses on 4West at Children’s Hospital .  Due to flu season Benny wasn’t able to go up to the 4th floor so the charge nurse, Lauren which happened to be one of our favorite nurses during treatment,  was on duty and met us in the lobby. She practically danced in the hallway and teared up when she saw Benny. She said seeing Benny and B”H how well he is doing, helps her get thru the difficult days. Benny has had an amazing start in first grade. He enjoys learning, reading, math, art and piano.  B”H He continues to bring us tremendous joy each and every day. There’s not a day that goes by without Thanking Hashem out loud, before bedtime for this Beautiful boy. May he be zoche to serve Hashem in the Bais Hamikdosh b’korov. May we be reunited with our fellow friends and loved ones that had an early departure Bimheyra -immediately with the coming of Moshiach.

Thank you for your continued Tefillos for Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah

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